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Hi, I’m Erin

Welcome to our sacred space!

This is where women come together to reclaim their true essence. And when I say, true essence, I really mean that this is a place where self love is a way of life. Where beauty is no longer defined by weight, skin colour or height. Where living an authentic life is sexy. Where creativity is embraced, past wounds are healed, and spiritual connection is celebrated. Where we as Real, Awakening and Wild (RAW) women get back to our natural state of being. Ultimately it’s where more meets raw.

So, if you’re seeking something more to life (love, happiness, purpose, connection, truth….) or you’re wanting to step into something else even if you’re unsure what that is just yet, then my arms are outstretched in hug position because this is your place. You’re the reason why I created it in devotion to helping you get back to your wholeness. Because when you’re whole, you can live the life you’re so deserving of and be the change you want to see in this world. 

I’d love for you to learn more about RAW Women, so I invite you to watch this short video below.

reclaim Your Rawness

You’re invited to join the RAW Inner Circle for FREE 


Join our sacred RAW Inner Circle; a monthly online event / workshop that helps women return to their path of inner power, creativity and intuition. With an abundance of tools and resources offered, it’s the event that brings ultimate healing to the mind, body, spirit and planet


Connect with old souls, empaths and sensitives from all around the world and create life-long friendships. Feel supported by women who accept you and understand you and the journey you’re on


Each month we dive deep into a topic chosen by Spirit. We unpack, unravel and release the rubble of our past that stops us from living the most real, authentic and wildly joyous life. We then plant new seeds of intention and realign our lives to reflect our higher selves

Doors to this sacred community open every 2 – 3 times a year with limited spaces available. So to ensure you get first dibs on joining next time (we’d love for you to join!), simply register your interest and you’ll be the first to receive notification of when RAW Inner circle opens again

Ways to live a raw life

real | awakening | wild

Millions of women are feeling the call to reconnect to their inner most authentic power so that we can bring balance to this world and to ourselves. Making big shifts for the sustainability of our planet means we need to shift what’s going on internally. This is the path of RAW – to embrace our real, awakened, and wild selves. But it’s not an easy path to walk alone. It takes a sisterhood of support, encouragement and unconditional love to do this kind of work.  It’s why we’re making it easy for you to join the RAW revolution and become an advocate for self-love. 



Join our private Facebook group to be a part of the RAW Women’s  podcast live recording! This is a great way to connect in circle, explore new ways of awakening, and deepen your connection to yourself, the spirit world, and the planet. You’ll be invited to interact, ask questions, and connect with Erin and the RAW Women community.


Living a life that brings you joy and purpose shouldn’t be hard to obtain! With our articles and TV + podcast episodes, you’ll become motivated, enlightened and fully equipped with the essential know-how to reclaim your true essence and create your ideal life from the inside out. Get curious and search our library to find the perfect match.


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