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Hey gorgeous, I’m Erin

 A spiritually inspired empowerment and manifestation coach, writer, philanthropist, realist, and an unshakable enthusiast dedicated to helping you become a big lover of your own life – it’s your rules, on your terms. No fluff, no BS, just rawness and honesty from the heart (with a touch of humour). It’s conscious living with soul.  

I’m the author of Eat Cake: 5 Simple Ingredients to a Meaningful and Joyous Life, host of Divine Life Alchemy TV and Podcast, creator of the popular e-course Coming Home, and facilitator of the sacred women’s online circle; RAW (Real Awakened Women).

My motto is: Return to your heart and design a life that’s an expression of your soul.

Stay true to who you are because this world is a better place with you in it

The path to happiness is beyond your fears and limitations

You don’t need to become anyone; instead you need to ‘unbecome’ to truly know yourself

I’m deeply committed to helping you create a meaningful life

Building a life you love starts with loving yourself; inside and out

Be the change you want to see

Let your mind be the servant to your heart

You can’t get what you want by remaining where you are

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The Ultimate Manifestation Workbook

In this 26-page workbook, you’ll learn the simple formula to radically change the course of your life so you can move toward the fulfillment of your dreams, desires, wishes and goals. This is the essential resource if you want to start building the life you’re so deserving of.  


Watch DLATV and get inspired to live your ideal life on your terms 

Living a life that brings you joy and purpose shouldn’t be hard to obtain! With our articles and TV episodes, you’ll become motivated, enlightened and fully equipped with the essential know-how so you can learn how to easily build your dreams. Get curious and search our library to find the perfect match.

It All Starts with You!

One of your soul's purpose is to selflessly help others in need and create meaningful change in this world. This is why, with every purchase of our products and services, a portion of your investment made on this website will be donated to a number of worthy charities who are focused on lifting the spirits of others. Your wish to improve your own life instantly improves others.

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