How to Avoid Emotional Burnout


The topic on every news stand and every social media post right now is about the CoronaVirus Pandemic. It’s affecting everybody in different and unique ways; none of us are immune to the changes that are being made and the changes that are coming.

With so much uncertainty and the fact that multiple people have dipped their toes in the collective energy of fear and doubt, many empathic women are feeling a strong and overwhelming roller coaster of emotions. Unfortunately, being that the pandemic is a global situation, it’s fairly impossible to avoid emotional burnout unless you know what to do.

Emotional withdrawal isn’t for the faint-hearted! It takes guts and courage to be at one with yourself! But when you do, you’ll finally come to understand who you are, why you’re here, & how best you can serve


You might be feeling in this moment almost what could be classed as ‘hormonal’ – the typical ‘one minute I’m happy, the next minute I’m p***ed off’ scenario. You might have this urge to cry yet have no specific reason other than that the world is undergoing major shifts that mean that life as we know it won’t ever be the same (I think that’s enough to make anyone feel a little uneasy!).

Because of this, I felt it was necessary to check in with spirit to provide us with an idea of what’s ahead of us this week and beyond.

Spirit realises that many souls are starting to feel emotionally drained and so would like to give you some sound advice to help you navigate this particularly difficult and restless time.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why not all spiritual teachers provide the best advice during this time (4:08)
  • What this week will likely bring up in the collective and how it will affect you (6:26)
  • The best thing you can do to avoid emotional burnout (7:10)
  • What to do if it’s impossible to get away from the things that cause you emotional distress (8:34)

It’s an interesting time we’re living in right now wouldn’t you agree?! It’s moments like this when I feel it’s important to check in with spirit for their guidance because I’m human too, and I still drop into panic and uncertainty particularly at the moment. So I’ve found this guidance to be invaluable.

Check out the episode below to find out how to avoid emotional burnout before it becomes too much!

*As a heads up, this episode does contain explicit language so make sure you grab your headphones. 

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Your purpose is to live a carefree, meaningful and joyous life and my job is to help you achieve it.


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After you’ve had a chance to listen to this episode, I’d love for you to do some reflection and preparing for those moments of emotional chaos…

       How will you know when it’s the right time for some ‘you’ time?

–    How often can you commit to emotional withdrawal each day? Will that be enough time? If no, could you move things around or compromise to ensure you get enough time?

Share your insights in the comments section below! 

The more detail you share, the better you’ll help others who can relate to you (and no doubt will be relieved that they’re not the only ones feeling or experiencing a similar thing). Plus – you may even form a deep connection with someone as like-minded as you.

Important: We’d love to read about your thoughts and ideas but any links to other posts, websites, videos etc, or promotional material will be removed (we want to stay away from spam…and we don’t mean the canned ham variety). 

Thanks so much for listening and taking part in our community discussion!

I know this may feel all a little too much, but you’re a strong cookie. Your soul is powerful to evolve from this. Take it day by day, and be okay with the fact that yes, some days are going to suck. Yes, there are days when you’re going to feel like you’re losing everything, and that’s okay too. Giving yourself time to retract from the outer world and go inward is the best form of retreat you can possibly experience. So please make the effort to do this practice of emotional withdrawal for the sake of your health and the sake of your soul’s development. 

With big love,


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