Spiritual Guidance Reading for April’s New Moon 2020


The theme for April 2020 is New Beginnings and what better way to embrace the theme than to check in with spirit to see how the energy of the new moon, which is predominantly focused on manifesting new intentions, is going to impact us! For fellow Sydney-siders, the new moon will occur on Thursday 23 April 2020 at 12:25 pm. 

I love working with the lunar cycles, and even though I’m not astrologically savvy, I still love to use the energy that the moon creates to surrender to the things I no longer need and embrace the things that my heart truly wants. 

So what’s in store for you during the new moon in April? 

Are you ready to surrender to all that you no longer need in your life? Because now is the time to let that sh*t go.


Well, as a quick summary (you’re best to watch or listen to the episode!), Spirit is encouraging us to slow our pace and not commit too quickly to anything that we’re not 100% certain about. We’re being asked to use this time to laser in on how we want to show up in the world and what our true authenticity actually looks like.  Not only that, but we’re also going to be reevaluating our relationships to ensure that our soul connections are ones that lift us up instead of pulling us down. 

There are a number of key points made by spirit as to how best we can use the energy of the New Moon to start planting new seeds of intention and manifest the kind of life our heart is calling for. Essentially, this spiritual guidance reading is the perfect companion to your new moon ritual or circle since it will help you laser in on what you’re truly ready to release and what you’re heart is ready to receive.

I’ll be facilitating a New Moon circle on Friday 24th April 2020 live in our beautiful RAW Women Facebook group to integrate the teachings received by spirit, so if you’re not already a member (it’s free to join), then I highly recommend you come on over. You’ll be welcomed with virtual open arms just as you are. 

Check out the episode below to find out what the energy of the new moon of April has in store for you. 

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After you’ve had a chance to watch or listen to this episode, I’d love for you to reflect on how the theme of New Beginnings and the energy of the new moon relates to where you are in your life right now.

       How do you want to show in the world from here on in? What will people say about you (positive things of course!)

–    Have you identified any relationships that are not serving your highest good and if so, what would be the best way to let that relationship go?

Share your insights in the comments section below! 

The more detail you share, the better you’ll help others who can relate to you (and no doubt will be relieved that they’re not the only ones feeling or experiencing a similar thing). Plus – you may even form a deep connection with someone as like-minded as you.

Important: We’d love to read about your thoughts and ideas but any links to other posts, websites, videos etc, or promotional material will be removed (we want to stay away from spam…and we don’t mean the canned ham variety). 

Thanks so much for watching (or listening) and taking part in our community discussion!

Right now we’re just living day by day – not necessarily able to make long term plans but in a way I feel that this slow pace we’re experiencing is actually really beneficial to the awakening process. If we were so caught up in our busy lives then we likely wouldn’t check in with our hearts as regularly to know what it is we truly want – especially in our current relationships. So I encourage you to use the energy of the New Moon on 23 April 2020 to help you release those relationships that aren’t serving your highest good whilst opening your heart to the possibility of loving and compassionate soul-connections.

With big and lasting love,



  1. Jessica L

    Wow! This was so enlightening. I want to show up with more presence and confidence. I’m a pretend extrovert. People I meet for the first time, I’m the one who speaks first and asks questions and basically hold the conversation. But it’s exhausting and it’s not me. I want to find a balance between extroversion and introversion with confidence. I don’t necessarily have any bad relationships, but I don’t have ones that seem genuine either. I’d like to form more genuine relationships. Thanks for your messages here!

    • Erin Furner

      Hi Jessica,
      Such beautiful wisdom you’ve just shared. Thank you! I totally see you woman on this too. I love that you’ve come to this awareness of wanting a balance. New Moon intention perhaps? 🙂


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