5 Spiritual Strategies to Boost Awakening During the Coronavirus (and Beyond)


Right now we’re experiencing a huge shift in global energies. The Coronavirus pandemic is upon us and many are feeling the pinch of just how impactful such a disease can have. As an empath and sensitive, you’re likely aware of the energy around you (it’s hard to miss!). You’re also likely feeling these energies on a more personal level. One minute you’re experiencing anxiety and worry, the next you’re rising into a more optimistic and hopeful state only to drop back down to overwhelm again.  

Your soul has been preparing for this even before you came to Earth. You know this to be true because you can sense it in every fibre of your being. #erinfurner #soulready #awakening


But what you’re experiencing is all very normal. I know you’re worried about how this is all going to pan out. I know you’re worried about your kids, finances, family, health, and society. I know you want answers – a promise that over the next few months everything will be back to normal. But it’s not going to go back to our old ways. It can’t. The planet is undergoing a major energetic shift and we’re all on this ride together whether you like it or not. 

This experience is for you. A gift of sorts. It’s a part of your awakening path. It’s an abrupt shove in the direction of your authenticity. Your soul asked for this and you know this on a very deep level because you can feel it.

Now, I’m not trying to disregard the severity of the physical aspects that this virus is creating (social distancing, hoarding, medical supply restrictions, financial implications….) – those are all relevant too, but it’s the fear of the physical stuff that can keep us stuck in the fear-based mindset, and so we’re being asked to tap into our spiritual power to overcome this significant hurdle.  This is why I felt called to record an episode for you to explore 5 spiritual strategies that you can do to boost your awakening path right now to ensure you’re still moving forward despite all that’s going on.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

* Why jealously is one of the best gifts of the ego to help you hone in on your spirit’s desires

* The easiest way to get out of the pissed off mindset and into a space of compassion for yourself and others (if that’s not spiritual then I don’t know what is!)

* How to alleviate the worry, anxiety and overall fear that surrounds the globe right now

* A powerful and easy meditation to send love to every living being on the planet (because it’s not all about us – we’re all in this together as one giant collective of energy)

* A simple technique to bring more good vibes into your energy field particularly when you’re feeling a bit down and overwhelmed from all the information surrounding current planetary circumstances

What an honour to be living on this planet during this time! What I’m loving the most is just how much humanity is coming together. Yes, there are a select few that are going in the opposite direction but that’s their own journey and with that will come lessons for them to learn too. I prefer to focus on the goodness to fill my well with hope; the hope that all is not lost – that we as a species still hold care and compassion for one another and the planet.

Check out the episode below to uncover the 5 spiritual strategies that will boost your awakening path (instead of keeping you stuck and stagnant) 

Hi! I'm Erin

Your purpose is to live a carefree, meaningful and joyous life and my job is to help you achieve it.


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After you’ve had a chance to listen to this episode and opened your heart to embodying the 5 spiritual strategies, I’d love to know:

       What was your most jealous moment – what did you uncover about that in terms of where your spirit wants to be?

–    What have you got planned for yourself as your way of practicing self-prioritisation?    

Share your insights in the comments section below! 

The more detail you share, the better you’ll help others who can relate to you (and no doubt will be relieved that they’re not the only ones feeling or experiencing a similar thing). Plus – you may even form a deep connection with someone as like-minded as you.

Important: We’d love to read about your thoughts and ideas but any links to other posts, websites, videos etc, or promotional material will be removed (we want to stay away from spam…and we don’t mean the canned ham variety). 

Thanks so much for listening and taking part in our community discussion!

Every moment of everyday is an opportunity for us to align to our soul. Some days we’re going to feel like we totally nailed it, while other days aren’t going to be our finest hour. So what! It’s what you do the next day that counts. Let today be that day that counts. Following these 5 spiritual strategies are vital to boosting your awakening path. I can’t wait to hear how your own energy changes even after a day of doing them! 

With big love and appreciation for all that you are,


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