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hello there!

I’m Erin Furner aka your biggest cheerleader for spiritual growth!

I consider my role here on Earth as an ‘everyday spiritual mentor’; helping you navigate this crazy thing called life by living in alignment with your true awakened self (mind, body, spirit). I do this by translating spiritual wisdom and practices into easy to understand bite-sized habits that you can naturally incorporate into your life.

If you have the intention and motivation to choose peace, intuition and forgiveness over ego, then you’re already well on your way to awakening to your authentic self. But I know your path isn’t always easy and sometimes it feels impossible to choose love in every situation! That’s why I’m so excited to boost your spirits when you need it and help you transform dark into light.


Let’s get acquainted…

I’ve been on a spiritual path most of my life but it wasn’t until my teens, particularly 2002 when I was suffering from chronic anxiety and depression, that spirituality became so life-changing-ly necessary (ask me about the brooch I found in my bedside table!). 

During my darkest days I found myself turning to the Universe for help, and as I did, I realised each day was feeling a littler lighter and easier. It was self-love, self-care and regular check-ins with my spiritual support team that helped me the most. But as life got busier and nosier, my commitment to my growth and spiritual alignment dwindled and not surprisingly the anxiety and depression resurfaced. The constant low points were reminders that I wasn’t living in alignment with soul.

In fact it felt like my soul was yearning to grow and lead but the only time I would listen to it was when I felt empty. I realised I just couldn’t keep living that way – it wasn’t sustainable and it definitely wasn’t healthy! So that was the turning point – I had to make spirituality and self love and care a priority. I started soaking up spiritual, meditative, and energetic practices and anything else that helped me align to my truth – the truth being that we’re all sources of love and we all have a right to practice self love and care. But sometimes we forget that from time to time. When we remember, life is 

magical and the world is bliss, but when we don’t, it can feel very lonely and dark. And when you’re in that dark place, it’s not always easy to simply ‘snap out of it’. Sometimes it takes some hardcore courage to let go and let your soul lead especially if you’re trying to figure it all out on your own! 

So in light of that, I want my journey to inspire you. I want you to know that it’s never too late to wake up and honour your true self – mind, body, spirit. I also want you to know that you don’t have to be a ‘vegan yoga-pant-wearer, levitating in lotus position’ kind of person to be spiritual. Your spirituality is uniquely yours – a chance for you to remember just how much love radiates within and around you. And when you remember that and strengthen your spiritual practice, life becomes pretty magical. Sure, bad things may still happen, but you’ll have the resilience, confidence and understanding of how to navigate through them. 

My products and services can help you on all levels. They’re an extension of all that I’ve learned and the current energies we’re experiencing right now. Yes, it may look like it’s just me guiding and teaching, but really, there’s a whole Universal team assisting in your awakening. So, let’s do this collectively!

Some things you mightn’t know…


A cup of tea fixes everything in my opinion


I'm a sucker for a tree hug


I'm a total introvert even though I mightn't come across as one


I have 3 beautiful, lively and hilarious children


My guilty pleasure is eating straight from the ice cream tub - who needs a bowl?!


I play the piano and dabble in guitar and drums - no complaints from the neighbours...yet


I collect colourful and funky socks - I think it's becoming a problem


Awaken your spirit 




The Collective is Here

Do you want acceSs to instant guidance and

a deeper life connection?

It's time to heal and grow into the person you were born to be! Conscious awareness is growing and encouraging souls to wake up to their powerful and authentic selves. We're being asked to deeped our Universal connection and create a deeper and more meaningful life. But you don't have to do this alone. Join Erin as she gently guides, supports, and helps you to take the next steps to your soul's evolution.

Where to next?

So now we have the introductions done, let’s focus on you! There are many ways I can help you no matter where you are on your spiritual path. Let’s start with my podcast or even a blog article or two! 

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