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Feel good on the inside out! Breathe serenity into your hectic days, discover tranquility amid the turmoil, and embrace profound happiness as you practice a self-care regimen that centers on consistent yoga and meditation practices, soul guidance, and self-reflection activities.

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More about the Eringy calendar

Receive a new Eringy calendar every month directly to your inbox (no two months are the exact same)! This means you have access to a variety of free meditation and yoga practices, spiritual guidance, and self-reflection activities that are specifically curated to complement the monthly collective energy. Each month brings a fresh experience, and with new yoga and meditation practices released every Wednesday, each week offers something uniquely different.

So who's it for? The calendar has been designed specifically for those who are seeking a deeper sense of well-being and purpose. Those who are wanting a better mind, body and spirit balance, and who are driven to reach their goals and better their lives because they know that it ultimately benefits the lives of others. Are you one of those people? Of course you are! 

So let's take a closer look at how the Eringy calendar works...

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How it Works

When you download your free calendar, you'll see that it's been designed to offer self-care and self-love practices that are in alignment with the monthly collective energy. This monthly theme is 'Universally' chosen via a guidance reading that Erin offers each month. So essentially we'll be working with a different energetic theme to embrace more of the good 'stuff' and let go of what we no longer want.


It's like taking part in a fully guided well-being retreat in the comfort of your own space, minus the need for travel time or added expenses.


Easy to Use

Save the calendar to your favourite device or print it off to view through the month to stay on track to nourishing your soul and filling up your well (Gentle note: If you decide to print it off, you won't have access to the links to the yoga or meditation videos).


Find Videos with Links

Wherever uppercase letters appear on the calendar, they serve as links to the corresponding videos on the Eringy YouTube channel or to a PDF document, such as the New Moon and Full Moon rituals.  Please note that some of the linked videos may only become accessible on the scheduled day, so it's recommended to follow along for a seamless experience. However, if you're an Eringy member, you'll enjoy the added benefit of early access to these videos so you can choose to follow along at your own pace.


Start Anytime

Don't worry if you can't begin the calendar from the beginning. You're very welcome to start the calendar anytime of the month and move through at a slower pace if that feels right to you. Keep in mind though that certain significant dates, such as the New Moon or Full Moon, tend to have their greatest impact when observed on the exact date rather than postponing them.


Stay in the Loop

Items on the calendar such as 'Oracle Card Layout' and 'Monthly Theme Affirmation' will be posted on the actual calendar date via Facebook or Instagram, so be sure to subscribe to either of those platforms to receive the oracle card layouts and affirmations. Plus it's a wonderful way to share your progress since each calendar comes with it's own socials hashtag - this means our community can connect with each other via the monthly hashtag.

Previous Calendars

FREE self-care calendars curated around a monthly community theme.


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October 2023

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November 2023

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