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What is DLA TV?
Divine Life Alchemy TV (DLA TV) aims to bring light to the big issues that stop women getting what they want in life and business from a spiritually inspired perspective. We do this by keeping in mind the ancient art of alchemy; transforming what is perceived to be basic and uninteresting elements into their true form that is beautiful and powerful. It’s about helping you reconnect to those qualities already within even though some work may need to be done to uncover that part of yourself. DLA TV focuses exactly on how to do that with wisdom, wit, rawness, heartfelt connection and actionable ideas to help you use alchemy in your own life to achieve a divinely inspired lifestyle of your dreams.

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This is where you can view our collections of TV episodes and articles. Simply navigate to the question you want answered and voila, the best and most relevant episodes and articles for that topic will appear for your viewing and reading pleasure.

What DLATV is all About

It's the FIRST episode of DLATV which is incredibly exciting (and slightly scary!). I'm so thrilled to be presenting this to you because I know in my heart that our episodes will inspire you to step into your greatness and live from your spirit's perspective (don't...

How to Release Emotional Baggage: The Undo Ritual

As  I watched the flames engulf my emotional baggage, I finally felt clear of it all. At last I could see and feel the truth of who I am without someone else’s psychic sludge interfering with that. For 33 years I had been feeling a sense of abandonment (it all started...

The REAL Definition of ‘Perfect’

It might come as a total shock to you (including my hubby), but I’m not perfect *cue dramatic revealing music*. Oh yes – some would believe that I have it all together, or that I have a solution for every single little problem, but no lady love – I sit here on the...

A 93 year old Grandmother’s perspective on life

This is a very personal blog post I want to share with you because I feel it speaks volumes about what a good and successful life actually is. My gorgeous Grandmother passed away peacefully early November 2015. She was 93 – many would say, “Well at least she had a...

How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Other Spiritual Businesses

When venturing into the unknown world of business ownership, you generally hear about the awesome promises – more freedom, more choice, bigger impact....and so on. And although they’re absolutely a part of business ownership, there is also a dark side to it –...

What if Your Business (and Life) F*ks Up?

This post contains explicit language. I’d been putting it off for weeks knowing full well that it needed to be done, and yet I knew it would take time, effort and yes....more learning (urgh!). Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for learning, but it really depends on what...

Is it Spiritual to Have a Bad Day?

This post contains explicit language.  Where did the idea come from that heart-centered people aren’t allowed to have a shitty day? There seems to be a myth right now that heart-centered people – the people who want to spread joy, love and peace around the world, are...

Self Discovery – How to Be Your Authentic Self

Have you ever heard someone say, ‘Just be yourself’ and wondered to yourself – ‘Well, what is that exactly? Is it in the clothes I wear? How I have my hair? Is it my overall appearance? Or is it my personality? ....Is it all those things?' How can you possibly be your...

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The Divine Life Alchemy Podcast

In this podcast we’re sharing enlightening stories, actionable soulful strategies, and tasty morsels of wisdom to help you get through the day (and future) with ease. Erin and her guests discuss an endless range of topics to help you achieve greater happiness, success, creativity, joy, dream fulfillment, health, wealth, purpose and everything in between. With a light hearted approach, we tackle the the big questions on how to overcome failure, how to improve intuition, how to attract more abundance, and how to be of service to others so you can change the world. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much to share! Get inspired and create the joy you deserve.



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