Here we explore ways to turn your soul’s purpose and passion into something that brings you a profit. We delve into the fears and doubts that come with business ownership and how to open yourself up to receive the abundance you desire and deserve.

How to Release Emotional Baggage: The Undo Ritual

As  I watched the flames engulf my emotional baggage, I finally felt clear of it all. At last I could see and feel the truth of who I am without someone else’s psychic sludge interfering with that. For 33 years I had been feeling a sense of abandonment (it all started...

How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Other Spiritual Businesses

When venturing into the unknown world of business ownership, you generally hear about the awesome promises – more freedom, more choice, bigger impact....and so on. And although they’re absolutely a part of business ownership, there is also a dark side to it –...

What if Your Business (and Life) F*ks Up?

This post contains explicit language. I’d been putting it off for weeks knowing full well that it needed to be done, and yet I knew it would take time, effort and yes....more learning (urgh!). Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for learning, but it really depends on what...

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