Here we focus on the bond between other souls and the lessons each soul has to teach us about ourselves. Love can be in your life if you’re open to receive it fully. It’s totally possible to be vulnerable and trusting in a relationship. Ups and downs are normal but it’s what you communicate with one another that makes the big difference. Allow yourself to be loved and bliss will follow.

Ladies, Let’s Get Real

This is our latest segment for DLATV - Ladies, Let's Get Real (LLGR). And as the title suggests, we're going to dive deep into the true rawness of who you are because that's the place that'll unlock an extraordinary life. I've spent countless years studying, reading,...

The Official Launch of DLATV and Podcast

It's the official launch of DLATV which is incredibly exciting (and slightly scary!). I'm so thrilled to be presenting this to you because I know in my heart that our episodes will inspire you to step into your greatness and live from your spirit's perspective (don't...

How to Release Emotional Baggage: The Undo Ritual

As  I watched the flames engulf my emotional baggage, I finally felt clear of it all. At last I could see and feel the truth of who I am without someone else’s psychic sludge interfering with that. For 33 years I had been feeling a sense of abandonment (it all started...

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