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Ever get that feeling that there’s something more to life even if you’re unsure what it is? At first you might put it down to lifestyle; work commitments, parenting responsibilities, social pressures, financial stress….these can easily take their toll on your level of happiness. But even when you’re on top of things, there’s still that niggling sensation that there’s something missing. There’s something that you’re missing out on. Something that’s calling you to wake up and embody the essence of your soul so you can be free, wild and creative.

That ‘something’ is the stirring in your heart; a call to become RAW – Real, Awakened and Wild. RAW is a sacred journey of enlightenment. A way to rekindle the powerful parts of your self to become whole again. It’s a chance to openly express yourself and live the most authentic life possible, and in doing so, attract all the goodness you desire.   


For years I tried to quieten the stirring of my heart by distracting myself with everyday tasks and shiny objects. But the stirring became more of an urgent beating to a point where I decided to stop ignoring it and instead, embrace it. Why did it take me so long to let my walls down? Because I was afraid that if I put in the effort to change, that nothing would actually change.  And if I did change, then I was afraid of who I’d become. Sometimes the unknown is a really scary thing!

But since life wasn’t getting any better, in fact, each day felt heavier and unsettling, I decided that I couldn’t afford to ignore the stirring. Heck, even if I put in the effort and nothing changes, at least I tried! 

But things have changed in such beautiful and amazing ways. Since embarking on this RAW journey, I can look back and understand the reason behind the stirring. It was my authentic self trying to talk to me. Trying to get my attention. Trying to point me in the direction of living a full and happy life. It knew I was miserable. It knew I was meant for more. And it was time to listen up. And now, beautiful woman, it’s your time to pay attention to the whispers of your soul if you’re truly ready to make the most of each day. Step into the wild, passionate and creative woman that you were born to be. 


It can be hard to know where to start on such a journey and often not knowing where to start leads to doing absolutely nothing. Stagnation sets in and you’re back to feeling depressed and unmotivated. Of course I don’t want to see that happen to you and I certainly don’t want to see you wasting your life away. You’ve got one shot at this lifetime – make it count. 

So in light of that, I’ve put together a special Awakening starter kit just for you. This is the beginning of, or the continuation of, your RAW journey, and it’s completely free because no woman deserves to be left behind. 


When you sign up for the Awakening Starter Kit, you’ll receive these goodies:


The On Purpose eBook

In this 48-page eBook you’ll learn the simple ways to uncover your true calling and purpose in life. There’s channeled guidance, worksheets and inspirational wisdom all at your fingertips

The Peace and Calm Meditation

In this 15-minute meditation, you will have the unique opportunity of rewiring your brain to enter a state of peace and calm with a click of a finger (literally)

Desktop and Printable Soul Inspired Affirmations

Receive 16 beautifully designed affirmations that can be used as a background on your desktop or even printed off and hung on the wall. These affirmations have been created to help you raise your vibration and get you into the flow of receiving insights about your RAW path and ways to attract what your heart desires

Subscription to the RAW Sisterhood

You’ll receive spiritually inspired tips and first dibs on upcoming courses, giveaways and other subscriber-only resources that you can’t get anywhere else. Plus you’ll also receive an invite to join our private Facebook group where we gather in circle and support one another on this journey


Not only do you receive the Awakening starter kit with a subscription to the RAW Sisterhood newsletter absolutely free, but I’ve also included a special one-time offer that will help you fully step onto the path of living an authentic soul-led life. This is only offered to those who sign up here for the Awakening goodies and will not be offered anywhere else. 

Ef. © 2019 ERIN FURNER

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