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Investing in Yourself
Supports our World

Because with every purchase of our products, programs or services made on this website, you’re making big changes to the lives of others and Mother Earth.

It All Starts with You!

When you purchase our products, programs or services on this website, you’re investing in the betterment of your life and honoring the journey of your spirit. You’re recognising the importance of your own happiness and realising that creating a life you can be completely in love with is vital to fulfilling your calling and destiny.  But not only that, you’re also creating meaningful change. Change that we so desperately need in this world right now! 

Because with every product or service you purchase on this website, you support a
person in need  

Our mission as a collective of spiritual beings is to help those in need; people, animals and the planet. But with so much disease, disaster and pain in this world it can be overwhelming and confusing to know where to start and how you can make a positive impact. 

Well now you can be the change you want to see and rise to the challenge of fulfilling your purpose in self-less ways!

When you purchase any product, program or service, a portion of your investment will be donated to a worthy cause. 



Together we can improve the lives of others and create meaningful change


Our Children and Planet

When we sat down and talked about which charities to donate to and how we could make a positive change in this world we became increasingly stumped. There are so many worthy charities that choosing just a few was extremely difficult to do. In fact, it still is! But we have to start somewhere so we’ve decided to place our attention on the next generation; our children and of course, our planet. This is especially close to my heart as I have three beautiful children of my own who are my absolute everything yet I worry about their future and the future of their generation as the world becomes increasingly consumed by violence, poverty, sickness and extreme inequality.

The next generation is our hope to raise the vibration of this planet and ascend into a higher level of equality and peace. But the issue is that they can’t improve the planet and all that’s a part of it unless we step up and commit to helping them as best as we possibly can. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to be turning 90 and still hear about the chaos around the world whilst thinking to myself, ‘Sh*t I wish I’d done something to help when I had a chance!’ 

The one thing we can easily do to raise the vibration of this planet and help the next generation is by improving our own lives – so we essentially lead by example. I mean you can’t promise the goodness of life to your children if you’re not living it yourself….that would just be…..contradictory! So this is your chance to better your life and support the next generation on their own mission to enlighten this world.

The simple fact is: we can no longer sit back and just wait for big improvements; we must stand up to the challenge!

We’ve chosen three wonderful charities; the Heart Centre for Children, The Nature Conservancy, and Save the Children.  When you invest in our products or services on this website you’ll be helping one of these charities with their mission to improve the lives of others or the state of our beautiful planet. 

We envision a world where all people hold the power and resources to create the opportunities they desire without limitation

Heart Centre for Children 


This is my beautiful friend Angela with her gorgeous son, Levi. Levi was born with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD); a condition where the structure of the heart is abnormal in some way. CHD affects more than 2,400 babies in Australia each year and over 35,000 babies in the United States and not surprisingly, it’s the most common cause of newborn death from a congenital structural abnormality. 

Levi’s CHD was quite rare and complex, yet it didn’t stop him from living large and giving his all. Even with the open heart surgeries, a leaky mitral valve, the stroke that caused seizures, 7 cardiac arrests and kidney failure, he still fought on. The Paediatric Intensive Care Unit staff even nicknamed him ‘Lazarus’.  Yet despite fighting so incredibly hard, Levi sadly grew his angel wings at the age of 2 years, 6 months and 5 days.

If it weren’t for Angela sharing her story and the beautiful memories she has of Levi then I wouldn’t know of the seriousness of CHD and the huge need for further support and research. It stirs something within me as I look at the photos of Angela and Levi; knowing that Levi’s family would give anything to have him back. I can’t even fathom what it would feel like to never hold my children in my arms again – losing my children is my greatest fear as I know it is for all parents.

In honour of Levi, those who have grown their angel wings, and the beautiful heart warriors still fighting the battle of CHD, we have chosen to support the Heart Centre for Children (the Children’s Hospital at Westmead).

“The Heart Centre for Children is dedicated to “beating heart disease in kids” and, as part of the Sydney Children Hospital Network Cardiac Service, embraces the vision of “Best Cardiac Care – Heart and Mind”. All our staff are dedicated to improving our ability to diagnose, treat, and cure children with congenital heart disease, now and into the future.” [from the Heart Centre for Children Website]

By donating a portion of your investment from any of our products or services, you will be directly improving the treatments for affected children, families and the community. Your donation will be allocated to specialised equipment or research to solve heart disease in children. I can’t even imagine how amazing it would be if we had a better way to diagnose and treat CHD….and even a cure. 

As I look at the photos of Angela and Levi, I can see the endless amount of love they have for each other.  Angela and her family have gone through such awful heartbreak and, since Levi’s passing, have committed themselves to bringing about awareness of CHD as well as keeping the memory of their son well and truly alive. 

“Levi was happy, loving and a very intelligent little boy with a wisdom beyond his years and a very gentle nature. He loved cheek to cheek cuddles and just being right by our side. Levi has given us the gift of knowing the true meaning of Love. He continues to teach us every day what matters most in this life. And no matter how hard things may get, to never give up

Beautiful words to live by. 

For more information about the Heart Centre for Children and the work they do, visit:


The Nature Conservancy

The world we depend on is depending on us. Mother Earth truly needs our help to restore, nurture and protect her so we can all enjoy the beauty of life and remain grounded.  This is why we’re thrilled to support The Nature Conservancy; an internationally focused organisation who’s mission is to conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends.  

From supporting natural solutions to climate change, to creating sustainable fisheries to investing in nature in urban areas, The Nature Conservancy is breaking the traditional mould of ‘setting land aside’ and working across aisles to ensure true conservation success.

Environmental change may not happen overnight but with our help we can make a big difference to our nature’s treasures!

If you too would love to get involved, click here.


    Save the Children


    Nearly 5.6 million children die each year due to preventable and treatable causes, including 1 million babies who die on the day they are born. This is an absolutely heartbreaking statistic! What’s more, child malnutrition often leads to a lifetime of poor health and even death. In fact, more than 150 million children in developing countries are malnourished.

    That’s why we are committed to providing effective children’s health and nutrition programs that save children’s lives and ensure they grow up healthy.

    We’re honoured to support Save the Children to improve maternal, newborn and child health, help end child malnutrition and hunger, prevent HIV transmission and ensure treatment for those living with HIV before they develop (or to prevent) AIDS — giving 157 million children a healthy start in life and helping 56.3 million children directly with lifesaving care, medicines, preventive treatments and so much more.

    If you would like to get involved*, click here.

    *There are also many other internationally based programs Save the Children are involved in so your support can be focused on an area of your choice.

    Image courtesy of Save the Children


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