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How to Release Emotional Baggage: The Undo Ritual

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How to Release Emotional Baggage: The Undo Ritual


As  I watched the flames engulf my emotional baggage, I finally felt clear of it all. At last I could see and feel the truth of who I am without someone else’s psychic sludge interfering with that.

For 33 years I had been feeling a sense of abandonment (it all started from birth) and so my life had been dedicated to looking to others for validation of my worth; particularly my parents. I felt that just being ‘me’ was not good enough so I surmised that I would have to do some pretty extraordinary things to ‘earn my keep’ on this planet. This of course followed through to friendships; constantly putting my own needs aside to support another at any cost. At school I experienced intense bullying but instead of sticking up for myself, nurturing my spirit or reminding myself that what matters is what I know to be true about myself, I took the bully’s words as my own truth; believing somehow that I deserved to be punished and ridiculed.

This is serious stuff and it can truly lead many people down a very dark path.

The only way to move away from the energy that only serves to pull you down is to pull yourself up. And it’s never too late! Anyone that says, ‘I’m too old to change’ is lying to themselves. Sure it would be easier to continue holding onto blatant lies about ourselves; that we’re not lovable, we’re not deserving of goodness in our lives, we’re not wanted, we’re not good enough…the list goes on, but really, is it worth it? Is it worth diming our light and putting our own needs aside for the benefit of others all the time? Is it worth the inner battle we continually have with ourselves about whether we deserve an enriching life? Is it worth holding onto the pain and sorrow when we realise we have not lived a life that aligns to who we truly are? Hell no! I say screw all of that!

So there really is no other way than to face your sh*t!

Now I won’t lie, the pain to remove and cleanse yourself of the emotional and psychic baggage can be confronting and in some cases extremely frightening. It can stir some hefty energy within the body, mind and spirit. Sometimes it can feel as though you’re losing control. Losing control can be such a foreign feeling if you are used to purposely dominating your life instead of allowing the universe to work through you. But losing control and trusting in yourself is the most powerful thing you can do for yourself. When you let your walls down you will finally be free.

For me to truly embrace and own my spirit, I needed to un-become what I had become. I had become someone who was happier to listen to other people’s advice instead of trusting my own higher self because I didn’t feel it was worth listening too. I had become someone who was more worried about what other people thought of me instead of loving every part of myself, flaws and all. 

You don’t need to become anyone; you need to ‘un-become’ to reach the pure, most authentic part of yourself.

I had become the opposite to what I actually am. I had chosen to live a life that was completely out of alignment with my spirit; it was no wonder I was feeling so deflated and angry with the world (because I was angry with myself).

So it was time to change…Is it your time to change too?

The most effective way I have found to release myself of any emotional baggage is by doing a ritual; I call it The Undo Ritual. A word of warning, this ritual is not for the faint hearted. It requires some pretty hardcore soul searching and higher self connection. But I love it because it’s so raw. It gets to the core of the issue and simply allows me to feel all the psychic sludge of negative energy I have been storing in my body. The negative energy of the psychic sludge has been put into your body for a reason; to teach you what you are not. There is a reason why it feels so bad because it is not the truth of who you are.

Anything that someone has said to you that hurts you; it is not your truth. Anything that someone does to you that does not feel good; it is not your truth. Anything that diminishes your spirit in a way that limits your potential; it is not your truth. If there is anything in your life that makes you feel bad, insignificant, unloved, unworthy, undeserving, unsupported, or useless, then it is time to do the Undo Ritual. Get that sh*t out of your energetic system. You don’t need it!

This is how you do it…

Hi! I'm Erin

Your purpose is to live a carefree, meaningful and joyous life and my job is to help you achieve it.


Use this ritual if:

  • You’re finding it hard to let someone go even though you know deep down they are not serving your highest good.
  • You struggle believing you are deserving, good enough, lovable, worthy, strong, powerful, wanted, needed….
  • You’re aware you have taken on board some negative beliefs about yourself but you are unsure what the core of the issue is.
  • You’re ready to release yourself of emotional baggage that is stopping your true spirit from shining

You will need:

  • Paper (that you can burn) and a pen
  • White Sage to smudge
  • 2 fireproof bowls, or one fireproof bowl and a fireplace
  • Matches
  • Pillow
  • Water, Green Tea or some other herbal cleansing tea

Your Ideal Life on Your Terms

Discover your unique purpose and gifts so you can start creating a meaningful and fulfilling life without boundaries.


1. Connect with your Spiritual Support Team; these are your Spirit Guides, Angels, and other beings of love and light. Ask them for their support, love and protection as you do this ritual.

 2. Grab yourself some paper and a pen and write on the top, ‘It is safe for me to let this go’. This is showing the universe of your intention that whatever negative feelings or stories you write about are no longer sensations you wish to hold onto. You realise you will be perfectly safe as you cleanse yourself from any negativity.

3. Now begin writing a letter to either yourself or to someone else that has impacted your life in a negative way. If the letter is to yourself, then you may like to explore how you are feeling and what you want to feel instead. You may like to point out certain events that have happened that have made you feel the way you feel. You may wish to purge on paper everything you dislike about yourself which can be confronting but completely empowering as you will soon release it anyway.

If it is a letter directed at someone else (don’t worry, they won’t be seeing it), you may wish to write about how you feel toward them or what they may have done to you that has made you feel the way you feel. Simply tell them what you want them to know; what you have been thinking or feeling, what you would like to say but are too afraid to tell them face to face. JUST LET IT ALL OUT! 

If you are having trouble starting the letter then focus on the primary negative feeling you sense in this moment and then write;

 Dear [insert name (it could be your own name, or someone else’s)],
In this very moment I feel…because…

 And fill in the blanks. Then keep writing. Keep writing. Keep writing. Keeping writing until you can’t write anymore. Do not judge what you write, question the justification of it, or dismiss your feelings. This is your time to express yourself completely. Connect with your inner child and let her be heard!

Here are some key things you can focus on

  • How the person or experience is impacting you; how does it make you feel? (let it all out!)
  • What beliefs are you holding on about yourself that your spirit knows are not true?
  • What have you learnt from this experience from your spirits perspective?
  • Who are you really (e.g. powerful, compassionate, loving, a warrior, strong, brave, deserving etc)?

My experience: When I began this ritual I was a little stuck. There was so much I wanted to say but I was unsure how or where to begin. Once I recognised that the primary negative emotion I was feeling toward a particular person was anger then the words began to flow. I wrote everything down, even if I thought that what I was writing was harsh, cruel, or ‘not spiritual’ I wrote it anyway. I released EVERYTHING onto paper about this person – what I thought of them, how their behaviour had impacted me, and what they have taught me. My writing started small but then became bigger and bigger as I felt into the emotions. In my surprise, I ended up writing 4 A4 pages; with many unexpected limiting beliefs uncovered. At the end of the letter I wrote the truth; who I am really – or who I am going to become once I have cleansed myself of this psychic sludge. I became my own inner warrior and it was amazing!

4. Now light some white sage in a fire proof bowl and allow it to smoulder so that the smoke cleanses your body and aura as you move onto the next part of the ritual.

5. Read out loud your letter so you can truly tune into the emotions. This may be confronting but try to feel into the words and allow your body to react the way it wants to. Your body may wish to cry, tremble, or shake. Your stomach, shoulders or neck may tighten. Your voice might quiver or change in pitch. Any experience is the right experience for you. Just trust the process. This is so important. Far too often we are encouraged to suppress our feelings; never giving them a voice or grieving over the experiences we have had. Now is your chance to face it all – so use your emotions, give voice and expression to everything you have written.During the times of reading the letter where you feel the negative emotions become intense, then use your voice and scream as loudly as you can with as much force as you can muster. Keep doing this for as long as you need to. Think of it as primal screaming. **You may like to do this in a pillow if that suits you better**.

My experience: I had built up so much anger in the body that when I read out loud the letter, my body began to tighten, particularly my throat and abdomen. I knew I had to release it. I grabbed myself a thick pillow and let my anger go by screaming as loudly as I could into it. The sound was startling; a real high pitched desperate scream, but gosh it was powerful. As I did this, I clenched the pillow as hard as I could to release any other built up frustration. It felt so exhilarating to finally express myself this way. I knew when to stop screaming when my body did not feel the intense emotions I was originally feeling. In fact, I found that after my screaming session, I was feeling quite neutral.

6. Now fold the letter in half (you may wish to tear it into pieces if you feel inspired to) and place it in a fireproof bowl or fireplace. Make the intention that you are ready to release everything written in this letter that no longer serves your highest good.

‘I give thanks for this person (or to myself) for helping me realise the truth. I now release them and everything in this letter that no longer serves my highest good. Thank you universe (or god, creator, source etc) for helping me do this. And so it is done’ 

7. Light a match and place the flame on the letter so it catches. Now watch your letter burn entirely; allowing the flames to transmute and cleanse the energy that was once holding you hostage from living an authentic loved-filled life. Do not distract yourself during this step – enjoy the fact that the flames are relinquishing all that you no longer want or need.Once the letter has burned and the ashes have cooled completely, you may like to scatter them on Mother Earth and thank her and the element of air for accepting and sweeping away the remnants of the letter, or you may like to gently pour the ashes into the bin. Realise however that the work of the flame has dissolved the negative energy. Removing the ashes is a secondary step.

Gentle Note: If the letter does not burn, you may wish to reconsider if what you had written is something you are truly ready to let go of.

My experience: I felt quite liberated as I watched the flames burn the letter. It is a significant step of the ritual and an incredibly powerful one at that!

8. Now gently sweep the smoke of the white sage over your body and aura to cleanse yourself before putting it out.

9. Make yourself a green tea or drink a large glass of water to ground yourself and cleanse your body. This would also be a good time to ‘relieve yourself’ as another way of signifying the release of the old.

The Undo Ritual is for those times when a person, circumstance or situation affects you in a such a negative way that you have difficulty letting it go. I had tried multiple techniques to remove myself of the anger I was feeling before creating this ritual and now I honestly feel the burden has lifted. I can reflect on my past without attachment to any negative emotions. In fact my past is met with the emotion of neutrality.

Don’t wait for things to improve. Only you have the power to change.

So what is one big emotion you’re tired of feeling day in and day out? Perhaps now is the perfect time to let it go! The only thing you have to lose is your ego that only wants to hold onto that awful energy. LET IT GO! 

Leave a comment below and share as much detail as you can. We’re all in this together; banding together as strong and powerful women. So the more you can purge and release, the better you’ll be in your own life but you’ll also be the inspiration for others which is so incredibly powerful!

With emotional-free baggage, 

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