How to Remain Hopeful When it Feels Hopeless


For many women, there are times in their lives when it feels like the whole world is against them despite their best efforts in creating a sense of order and harmony. Maybe you feel the same way?  Those times when you’re trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel and all you see is darkness. And when in you’re in that place, that darkness, it can be so incredibly scary because it’s unknown territory. I feel (coming from our human perspective) that we don’t like the thought of not knowing; we don’t necessary like to be treading along an unknown path with no guarantee that where we’re going is the right way. So if you’re in the darkness right now, if you’re feeling like there’s no one to turn to and it’s very much doom and gloom for you right now, then this episode will speak directly to you as though it’s been made just for you!

Hope is a necessary aspect of your humanness. It’s been developed as a type of ladder to pull you out or retrieve you out of the lower depths of discomfort. Hope brings you potentiality – that life needn’t stay where it is


I had the pleasure of opening the spiritual channel to understand what ‘hope’ means to us, why it’s so important and what can we do to cultivate more of it especially during those moments when we’re faced with situations that could pull us under. 

Spirit revealed that there are two different types of Hope, and knowing which one you’re aligned to will help you understand if there’s more Unearthing / healing to be done. 


During this episode, you’ll learn

  • The difference between ego-hope and divine hope and how to come from a place of divine hope
  • How to cultivate more divine hope when you’re feeling as though life is hopeless
  • The upside of being in the depths of hopelessness right now
  • What you can do to step onto your soul’s path 
  • 5 potent questions to ask yourself to help you connect to your divine hopefulness

It’s an eye-opening episode and one you’ll likely want to listen to a number of times to grasp all the juicy wisdom.

Check it out below! 

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Your purpose is to live a carefree, meaningful and joyous life and my job is to help you achieve it.


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After you’ve had a chance to listen to this episode a number of times to truly grasp all the wisdom Spirit offered, then I’d love to hear from you!

Why is it so hard to trust your own guidance over the guidance of others?

Do you find it hard to cultivate hope and if so, what small thing could you start to do to bring more hopefulness into your life?

Share your insights in the comments section below! 

The more detail you share, the better you’ll help others who can relate to you (and no doubt will be relieved that they’re not the only ones feeling or experiencing a similar thing). Plus – you may even form a deep connection with someone as like-minded as you.

Important: We’d love to read about your thoughts and ideas but any links to other posts, websites, videos etc, or promotional material will be removed (we want to stay away from spam…and we don’t mean the canned ham variety). 

Thanks so much for listening and taking part in our community discussion!

Remember, that even in the depths of the darkness; the depths of fear, you can still cultivate a sense of hope because you are a powerful love-filled being. Your spiritual support team has got your back, and when you allow yourself to be open for support, you’ll likely find people entering your life who are wanting to give you something or offer a form of advice to help you find lightness and of course, hopefulness. 

If you’re inspired to cultivate more hope into your life and you want others to join you on your love-filled mission (because this world could do with a dose of love), then please share this.

With big hopeful love and gratitude,


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