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A spiritually inspired empowerment coach, writer, philanthropist, realist, and an unshakable enthusiast dedicated to helping you become a big lover of your own life. No fluff, no BS, just rawness and honesty from the heart.

Live life like you mean it!

Through comprehensive and powerful online training programs, live workshops, retreats, and a published book, I’m proud to be helping women get to where their heart wants to truly be with ease and grace. Women on a spiritual path have realised that in order to fulfill their dreams they must start living from the inside out; a place where their authenticity can shine. A place where intuitive connection exists. A place where a thirst for life, passion, prosperity and limitless creativity lies. Through my own personal journey, I’ve discovered that the only way you can get what you truly want is if you bring your whole self to the table even if it might seem scary and uncomfortable. Because it’s through the fear and doubt that lies a whole new level of joy and abundance which you so greatly deserve.

So it’s not really a case of if your life can change for the better but rather when (and with my help we can make the ‘when’ happen a lot sooner!)


So how did this all come to be?

Ever since I was a child, I have had an insatiable desire to do a lot of things with my life. For a while I wanted to be a barrister and then a vet. Yet often I would dream of becoming a famous actress and dancer. I craved to be a wildlife ranger, a school teacher, a doctor, a childcare worker, a pianist, an author, a spiritual beacon for others…..the list was so long that I became confused as to what I truly wanted.  It made it even more difficult during high school when the teachers placed so much emphasis on the importance of choosing something as if I was never allowed to change my mind later on. But it felt wrong to narrow it all down.

How could I choose just one thing when I wanted to do it all? 

This question expanded into every part of my life; why couldn’t I have it all? Why should there be a limit on how far I can go and how big I can be? Why should I have to compromise and settle for an average existence when my heart deeply craved for so much more than that.

As I considered what I wanted to do with the rest of my life I experienced an unsettling feeling of confusion. The mystery behind why some people achieve great success easily and naturally whilst others spend their lives struggling to get only a few steps closer to where they want to be had me intruiged. Why do some people have such bad luck and others thrive? Why do some people excel past difficult situations whilst others remain trapped? And which one would I become?

It just seemed so unfair.

I wanted to change history as I truly believed (and still do) that life experience is limitless; there is no such thing as a cap of how far you can go or how much you can give or receive. In a non pretentious or egotistical way, I wanted to fulfill the stirring in my heart; the one that wanted me to go big in a way that would mean I was making a difference in the world and also enjoying the freedom to create a life I can be completely in love with. But in the beginning of this journey it all felt so wrong. I felt that by striving for my own needs I was being selfish. I had been brought up believing that it is far better to give than it is to receive and so I became stuck between listening to what my mind wanted and what my heart wanted (hint: always follow your heart).   

Q: How do you get what your heart wants
if you believe it’s better to give
than it is to receive? 

A: You don’t

With so much angst, frustration and confusion, I decided to listen to my mind. It  told me that it was far safer to find a secure job that pays the bills than it was to go out on a limb, take a chance on myself and the Universe, and see just how fulfilling my life can be. But after several attempts of making it in the corporate and health science world, I resigned myself to the fact that despite listening to my mind, I was still miserable. Everyday was ground-hog day. I wasn’t living. I was just existing.

Some people receive major ‘ah-ha’ moments of inspiration out of nowhere that help them move forward in life. Some people overcome life threatening illnesses to realise just how important it is to enjoy life and not waste another second. My light bulb moment was when I became a mother. As I looked at my children’s beautifully innocent and perfect faces, it dawned on me that I could not teach them that they can reach for the stars and fulfill their dreams when I wasn’t doing the same. Why would they believe me if I was settling for an average existence and not making a good go of this blessed life I have. It was time to change no matter how scary or uncomfortable it seemed.

“How could I expect to teach my children that they can reach for the stars and fufill their dreams when I wasn’t doing the same?”


From assembling air conditioning parts, to performing lung function tests as a respiratory scientist, from receiving a commendation from Air Commander Australia for my work as an information technologist, to embracing and stepping into the role of a spiritual teacher,  I am proof that no matter who you are and what you’ve been through, life is meant to be lived in wild and wonderful ways (and you deserve it!).


I believe that in order for you to fulfill the life your heart and the Universe lovingly wants for you, you must accept the
greatness and power within. 

The greatness and power you possess comes from your authenticity. It’s your gifts and skills, your personality, your interests, your humour, your needs and wants. It’s your heart. I believe you can get what you truly want if you allow your heart to step forward and lead your life. Your heart and the Universe has a wonderful plan for you but it’s impossible to experience that plan if you don’t become the change you really need to be.  I know this because I have fought my way to a place of such clarity. I know the Universe won’t hand me what I want without my own committment and input. Determination, an unshakable trust in the Universe and an extremely supportive network of family and friends has led me to this. 


My purpose is to help you get to where you truly want to be. I believe in your dreams and I’m deeply committed to helping you achieve them so you can create a meaningful life. We all want to make a difference and know that our time here was worth it; this is what I strive to help you accomplish. 

Through my online training programs, free resources and everything in between, I’m absolutely determined to help you break your shell of old self-limiting stories so you can step into your greatness and build a life you love (and one that loves you back!).  Basically we’ll be able to bring your heart’s vision into reality.


But just like anybody, I still make mistakes. I still experience highly stressful days where I lose my groove. And to be completely transparent with you, I’m no sage. I don’t have all the answers. But I love uncovering life altering wisdom either through my own personal experience, by spiritual entities, or by other fellow humans. 

With all that I know and all that I am, I am committed to helping you from the heart with upmost honesty and compassion. This is a business, yes. I sell things and make money, yes. But much of what I do is free (make sure you check out my soul purpose toolkit), and for those services and products that generate an income, a portion of the investments go to some wonderful and worthy charities to help those in serious need.

So if you’re still reading this, thank you! I truly hope this is the beginning of a wonderful soulful relationship. In order to stay connected, sign up to become an E-Luminary where I share spiritually inspired tips and thought provoking wisdom (plus you’ll receive E-Luminary Member’s resources that you can’t get anywhere else). 

I’m sending you a big thank you for taking the time to visit. I’m excited and beyond thrilled to be a part of your journey in some way.

In love and light,


Erin Furner is an Empowerment and Self-Belief Coach, writer, philanthropist and spiritual teacher on a mission to help women bring their heart’s vision into reality and become a big lover of their own lives. Through one-on-one coaching, mastermind group coaching, online courses, and live workshops, Erin helps powerful and conscious women reignite the passionate fire in their belly and tap into their purpose so they can fulfill their mission in life. Erin is a no BS spiritual teacher with a unique ability of bringing light to the hidden fears and doubts many women are crippled by. She is the creator of the 30-day Coming Home online course, author of Eat Cake: 5 Simple Ingredients to a Meaningful and Joyful Life, and contributing author of Sibyl Magazine – an internationally acclaimed soulful magazine delivered to over 60,000 enlightened women around the world. With her light-hearted sense of humour, bubbly personality, and a don’t-wait-take-action approach to living, Erin teaches you how to shine your light, let your heart take the lead, and make the difference you were born to make. After all, you deserve what you desire.


Ef. © 2018 Divine Life Alchemy

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