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Week 4

Liberating Yourself from Fear


Everyday I receive all the goodness and abundance from the Universe. I am so grateful for the increasing prosperity the Universe brings me each day. Money easily comes to me in expected and unexpected ways.

Liberating Yourself from Fear

Week 4

The idea of attracting wealth can be incredibly exciting and incredibly frightening. In fact, it is not always the process of attracting wealth that is the frightening part, but rather how things can potentially change when wealth becomes a prominent part of your life. We touched on this earlier in this program however it is important to delve a little deeper and uncover the most common fears and limiting beliefs that typically arise when faced with potential wealth. In this week, you’ll learn about the top ten fears around wealth and whether they’re interfering with your life. You’ll also get a chance to become liberated from such fears.

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[s3mm type=”file” files=”Healthy Wealth Module 4 – Liberating Yourself From Fear.pdf” linknewtab=”yes”]Transcript: Week 4 – Liberating Yourself from Fear[/s3mm]

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[s3mm type=”file” files=”Module 4 – Activity 1 – The Top Ten Fears when Attracting Wealth.pdf” linknewtab=”yes”]Worksheet: Top 10 Fears when Attracting Wealth[/s3mm]

[s3mm type=”file” files=”Clearing Fears and Limiting Beliefs Using the Ho’oponopono Prayer – MP3.MP3″ linknewtab=”yes”]Audio Exercise: Clearing Fears and Limiting Beliefs using the Ho’oponopono Prayer[/s3mm]

[s3mm type=”file” files=”Advanced Ho’oponopono Prayer MP3.MP3″ linknewtab=”yes”]Audio Exercise: Eliminating Stubborn Limiting Beliefs and Fears[/s3mm]

Audio Only Version

Week 4: Liberating Yourself from Fear

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This Weeks Community Questions

Some of us love the companionship of moving through courses as a collective. This is why we have the Healthy Wealth Community where you can share your story and provide insight into each of the questions asked by Erin. These questions serve to get you thinking in more detail about yourself and your life. Sure, they may feel a little uncomfortable; sometimes even a bit jarring, but know that there is always a higher intention at play. Your answers will help bring clarity to your situation and may even be the catalyst for change. And when you see other like-minded souls sharing their light-bulb moments, you’ll more than likely feel a sense of belonging, wholeness and ease.

This weeks questions are:

What was your main fear around attracting money? What positive action have you decided to take to move through that fear?

How does your body respond when there is a perceived fear in your life? Are you committed to facing that fear and healing it with the Ho’oponopono prayer or an alternative method? 

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