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Week 5

Tapping into Your Power


I choose to live a life based on my true desires and I give priority to the stirrings of my heart. I deserve limitless happiness, opportunity and success. I love the person I am and the person I am becoming.

Tapping into Your Power

Week 5

Success is a word that can conjure up all sorts of definitions for each individual. For some seeing 6-figures in their bank account reflects success, the smiles on their children’s faces is success, or having an opportunity to take part in a charity event is success. No measurement of success is wrong because we are all different in our own way. But what if you look at your life from the mindset of being unsuccessful? Do you feel this is a good way of attracting abundance? This week, I’ll be challenging you to assess the success of your life, as well as your failures. I’ll be encouraging you to become comfortable with your flaws and once you do, that’s when your energy around attracting abundance will completely shift.

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[s3mm type=”file” files=”Healthy Wealth Module 5 – Tapping Into Your Power.pdf” linknewtab=”yes”]Transcript: Week 5 – Tapping in Your Power[/s3mm]

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[s3mm type=”file” files=”Module 5 – Activity 1 – Establishing what Success Means to Me.pdf” linknewtab=”yes”]Worksheet: Establishing What Success Means to Me[/s3mm]

[s3mm type=”file” files=”Seeing Myself for Who I Truly Am – MP3.MP3″ linknewtab=”yes”]Audio Exercise: Seeing Myself For Who I Truly Am[/s3mm]

[s3mm type=”file” files=”Module 5 – Activity 2 – My Failures and Successes.pdf” linknewtab=”yes”]Worksheet: My Failures and Successes[/s3mm]

Audio Only Version

Week 5: Tapping into Your Power

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This Weeks Community Questions

Some of us love the companionship of moving through courses as a collective. This is why we have the Healthy Wealth Community where you can share your story and provide insight into each of the questions asked by Erin. These questions serve to get you thinking in more detail about yourself and your life. Sure, they may feel a little uncomfortable; sometimes even a bit jarring, but know that there is always a higher intention at play. Your answers will help bring clarity to your situation and may even be the catalyst for change. And when you see other like-minded souls sharing their light-bulb moments, you’ll more than likely feel a sense of belonging, wholeness and ease.

This weeks questions are:

What is your definition of success? How will you know when you’re successful?

What did you discover about your inner dialogue when there are moments that you feel despair or desperation? Was it uplifting and optimistic or restricting and pessimistic? If the latter, are you committed to rewording your inner self-talk?

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