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Week 6

Making Your Dreams a Reality


I allow all good things to come into my life and I am grateful for it all. I attract wealth into my life for myself, for humanity and for the planet.  Wealth is flowing to me now, naturally and easily.

Making Your Dreams a Reality

Week 6

By now you realise that your thoughts, beliefs and feelings all impact the energetic signal sent out to the universe. If you focus on a lack of wealth and how hard it is to obtain money then you’ll receive more difficult situations that further concrete your thoughts, feelings and beliefs on how hard it is to obtain wealth. The key therefore is to focus on the positive things in your life whilst also taking action on the very things you want. This may take effort on your part but in time you will see that with a positive mindset, positive things will happen. So, this week, being the last week, it’s fitting to create a powerful mindset around wealth. You’ll be getting clear on what you truly desire and using actionable strategies to help you turn your desires into reality so you can continue on this abundant path.

[s3mm type=”file” files=”Healthy Wealth Module 6 – Making Your Dreams a Reality.pdf” linknewtab=”yes”]Download this week’s workbook[/s3mm]


[s3mm type=”file” files=”Healthy Wealth Module 6 – Making Your Dreams a Reality.pdf” linknewtab=”yes”]Transcript: Week 6 – Making Your Dreams a Reality[/s3mm]

[s3mm type=”file” files=”HW – Week 6 – MP3.mp3″ linknewtab=”yes”]Audio Transcript: Week 6 – Making Your Dreams a Reality[/s3mm]

[s3mm type=”file” files=”Module 6 – Activity 1 – Establishing my True Desires.pdf” linknewtab=”yes”]Worksheet: Establishing My True Desires[/s3mm]

[s3mm type=”file” files=”Module 6 – Activity 2 – The Dream Planner.pdf” linknewtab=”yes”]Worksheet: The 30-Day Dream Planner[/s3mm]

[s3mm type=”file” files=”The Fourth Dimension Meditation – MP3.MP3″ linknewtab=”yes”]Meditation: Journey to the Fourth Dimension[/s3mm]

[s3mm type=”file” files=”Module 6 – Activity 3 – Healthy Wealth Checklist.pdf” linknewtab=”yes”]Checklist: The Healthy Wealth Activities List[/s3mm]

Audio Only Version

Week 6: Making Your Dreams a Reality

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This Weeks Community Questions

Some of us love the companionship of moving through courses as a collective. This is why we have the Healthy Wealth Community where you can share your story and provide insight into each of the questions asked by Erin. These questions serve to get you thinking in more detail about yourself and your life. Sure, they may feel a little uncomfortable; sometimes even a bit jarring, but know that there is always a higher intention at play. Your answers will help bring clarity to your situation and may even be the catalyst for change. And when you see other like-minded souls sharing their light-bulb moments, you’ll more than likely feel a sense of belonging, wholeness and ease.

This weeks questions are:

Consider how you felt towards attracting prosperity before doing this program and compare that to how you feel now. What difference do you notice?

What do you intend to do for humanity and this planet with your new found wealth?

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