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Sacred Women’s Circle

Here you can access all the sacred women’s circles held within the RAW Inner Circle. You can dive deep into the teachings and practice each of the Unearthing rituals at your own pace, and receive spiritual insights into how best to realign yourself to your true nature; your soul.

Healing Relationships with Others and Yourself

The theme for this sacred circle relates to….. 

    Surrendering What No Longer Serves You

    The theme for this sacred circle relates to cultivating Hope and realising that it’s difficult to do that when we’re holding onto various fears and limiting beliefs that create doubt within us. During this gathering, you’ll learn

    • An easy and fast way to ground yourself to the Universe and Mother Earth (05:57)
    • How to work out what you’re ready to surrender (12:05)
    • How to release your fears and limiting beliefs through the Solar Plexus chakra (24:03)
    • A powerful light beaming exercise (26:20)
    • How to tell if you are ready to surrender what your consciously aware of (32:40)
    • What to do if your body doesn’t want to surrender an issue affecting you (44:00)
    • How to perform a fire ritual to release old vibrations (1:02:36)
    • How to get back into the body and express yourself from your Solar Plexus chakra’s perspective (1:11:01)

    Healing the Heart Chakra

    The theme for this sacred circle relates to Hope, and Spirit encourages the Heart Chakra to be opened and balanced for hope to be easily cultivated. During the gathering, you’ll learn

    • What it means to have a balanced heart chakra (and how to tell if it’s not) (22:23)
    • A simple exercise to bring harmony to your heart space when you’re time-constrained (34:30)
    • A powerful Unearthing exercise to explore the deeper parts of your heart chakra to heal unconscious wounds (49:18) 

    Stepping into Our Wholeness (Moving On)

    The theme for this sacred circle relates to Wholeness, and Spirit reminds us that in order for us to come back to our fullness (our wholeness), we must consider what we’re ready to move away from and move into. During the gathering, you’ll learn

    • Why listening to your body will give you a heads up of what you’re ready to move on from (16:03)
    • An Unearthing exercise that takes you into the body space and connects to the messages that your body is trying to give you about stepping into your wholeness – and moving on (19:58)
    • The effectiveness of giving your emotions an identity (e.g. shape, colour, texture, sound etc) and how that can bring healing as opposed to ignoring the emotions altogether (57:59)

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