MYSB – Mind Activation

BONUS – The Mind Activation Technique (Confidence)

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The Mind Activation Technique to tap into your confident self is a power, 15 minute, practice that you can do whenever you feel you need an extra boost in confidence. In saying that – this exercise is so powerful that you mightn’t feel the need to practice it more than once!

To gain the most from the exercise, it is a requirement that you use headphones. The effectiveness of this exercise is dependent on the use of headphones so this is very important.

I’ve included this as a bonus because I noticed a trend in many of my clients and their ability to succeed in business. They had the most amazing programs and services they were offering to their ideal clients, and yet they were still struggling to make their business even remotely successful! It seemed as though they would each come across a roadblock in their business and everything would come to a halt. This is a pretty scary outcome for any new business owner!

But I soon realised that it wasn’t their business that was the problem, it was their mindset. They didn’t believe in themselves! They were basically ‘faking it till you make it’ even though that’s a very difficult thing to master when you don’t have any evidence to say that you are in fact, making it! It’s scary to think that the success of your business is not necessarily dependent on the services or products you’re offering, but rather on your mindset! This is why I’ve recorded this powerful exercise for you to take part in to help you turn your mind into a confident and successful machine. When you’re confident and you see yourself as a success, then you can only attract experiences into your life that mirror how you feel about yourself! This means that you will not be unknowingly sabotaging the success of your business because you already believe enough in yourself without needing proof of this through your business! 

The Mind Activation Technique of Confidence uses Binaural Sound Wave Technology which places you in a deeply relaxed state whilst your brain is en-trained to take on new and powerful beliefs and certainties about your confident and successful self. This exercise is so powerful that it will expand your awareness  and allow your brain to act like a sponge – absorbing new and empowering information that will become your reality. How? Well the information bypasses the critical filters of the left hemisphere of your brain and enters the right hemisphere of your brain which will assist in modifying the way in which you ‘think’ about yourself in terms of how confident or how successful you think you are (pretty cool huh!).


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