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How to Release Emotional Baggage: The Undo Ritual

Hey beautiful,

I wrote this blog quite a long time ago on another website but felt the push the include it here as it's still very much relevant. Hope you enjoy it!....

As  I watched the flames engulf my emotional baggage, I finally felt clear of it all. At last, I could see and feel the truth of who I am without someone else’s psychic sludge interfering with that.

For 33 years I had been feeling a sense of abandonment (it all started from birth) and so my life had been dedicated to looking to others for validation of my worth; particularly my parents. I felt that just being ‘me’ was not good enough so I surmised that I would have to do some pretty extraordinary things to ‘earn my keep’ on this planet. This of course followed through to friendships; constantly putting my own needs aside to support another at any cost. At school, I experienced intense bullying but instead of sticking up for myself, nurturing my spirit, or reminding myself that what matters is what I know to be true about myself, I took the bully’s words as my own truth; believing somehow that I deserved to be punished and ridiculed.

This is serious stuff and it can truly lead many people down a very dark path.

The only way to move away from the energy that only serves to pull you down is to pull yourself up. And it’s never too late! Anyone that says, ‘I’m too old to change’ is lying to themselves. Sure it would be easier to continue holding onto blatant lies about ourselves; that we’re not lovable, we’re not deserving of goodness in our lives, we’re not wanted, we’re not good enough…the list goes on, but really, is it worth it? Is it worth dimming our light and putting our own needs aside for the benefit of others all the time? Is it worth the inner battle we continually have with ourselves about whether we deserve an enriching life? Is it worth holding onto the pain and sorrow when we realise we have not lived a life that aligns with who we truly are? Hell no! I say screw all of that!

So there really is no other way than to face your sh*t!

Now I won’t lie, the pain to remove and cleanse yourself of the emotional and psychic baggage can be confronting and in some cases extremely frightening. It can stir some hefty energy within the body, mind, and spirit. Sometimes it can feel as though you’re losing control. Losing control can be such a foreign feeling if you are used to purposely dominating your life instead of allowing the universe to work through you. But losing control and trusting in yourself is the most powerful thing you can do for yourself. When you let your walls down you will finally be free.

For me to truly embrace and own my spirit, I needed to un-become what I had become. I had become someone who was happier to listen to other people’s advice instead of trusting my own higher self because I didn’t feel it was worth listening to. I had become someone who was more worried about what other people thought of me instead of loving every part of myself, flaws and all. 

I had become the opposite of what I actually am. I had chosen to live a life that was completely out of alignment with my spirit; it was no wonder I was feeling so deflated and angry with the world (because I was angry with myself).

So it was time to change…Is it your time to change too?

The most effective way I have found to release myself of any emotional baggage is by doing a ritual; I call it The Undo Ritual. A word of warning, this ritual is not for the faint-hearted. It requires some pretty hardcore soul searching and higher self-connection. But I love it because it’s so raw. It gets to the core of the issue and simply allows me to feel all the psychic sludge of negative energy I have been storing in my body. The negative energy of the psychic sludge has been put into your body for a reason; to teach you what you are not. There is a reason why it feels so bad because it is not the truth of who you are.

Anything that someone has said to you that hurts you; it is not your truth. Anything that someone does to you that does not feel good; it is not your truth. Anything that diminishes your spirit in a way that limits your potential; it is not your truth. If there is anything in your life that makes you feel bad, insignificant, unloved, unworthy, undeserving, unsupported, or useless, then it is time to do the Undo Ritual. Get that sh*t out of your energetic system. You don’t need it!

This is how you do it…


Use this ritual if:

  1. You’re finding it hard to let someone go even though you know deep down they are not serving your highest good.

  2. You struggle believing you are deserving, good enough, lovable, worthy, strong, powerful, wanted, needed….

  3. You’re aware you have taken on board some negative beliefs about yourself but you are unsure what the core of the issue is.

  4. You’re ready to release yourself of the emotional baggage that is stopping your true spirit from shining.

You will need:

  1. Paper (that you can burn) and a pen

  2. White Sage to smudge

  3. 2 fireproof bowls, or one fireproof bowl and a fireplace

  4. Matches

  5. Pillow

  6. Water, Green Tea, or some other herbal cleansing tea


  1. Connect with your Spiritual Support Team; these are your Spirit Guides, Angels, and other beings of love and light. Ask them for their support, love, and protection as you do this ritual.

  2. Grab yourself some paper and a pen and write on the top, ‘It is safe for me to let this go’. This is showing the universe of your intention that whatever negative feelings or stories you write about are no longer sensations you wish to hold onto. You realise you will be perfectly safe as you cleanse yourself from any negativity.

  3. Now begin writing a letter to either yourself or someone else that has impacted your life in a negative way. If the letter is to yourself, then you may like to explore how you are feeling and what you want to feel instead. You may like to point out certain events that have happened that have made you feel the way you feel. You may wish to purge on paper everything you dislike about yourself which can be confronting but completely empowering as you will soon release it anyway.

If it is a letter directed at someone else (don’t worry, they won’t be seeing it), you may wish to write about how you feel toward them or what they may have done to you that has made you feel the way you feel. Simply tell them what you want them to know; what you have been thinking or feeling, what you would like to say but are too afraid to tell them face to face.