Coming Home – Subscription

Coming Home – Subscription

$26.00 / week for 4 weeks

The Most Effective and Powerful Way to Live the Life You Were Born to Live

Coming Home is the 30-day online learning program for spiritually inspired women who are ready to live from the inside out and build a meaningful life. The best way to do this is to live from the inside out because it’s impossible to get what you truly want without tuning in to what’s going on within.

To live from the inside out and attract your heart’s desires requires clarity of what you want, complete trust in something bigger, and commitment to practicing the right manifestation and self-help methods. Because without a structured road map or expert guidance, the process can be overwhelming, confusing and time consuming.

Coming Home can help you connect to your authentic self (the real you) much sooner and save you years of trial and error. When you start purposefully living the truth of who you are, then you can easily create lasting joy and peace. This is something that has taken me over 10-years to understand and implement, yet Coming Home will help you do the same in 30-days. It will be the most uplifting and inspiring 30-days of your life and I would be honoured to be a part of your transformation.



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