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Moonifesting: Manifestation + Self Love + Gratitude Journal

Let the Moon help you achieve your soul-aligned goals and a greater sense of joy, clarity, and purpose, one phase at a time.

Moonifesting is your personalised roadmap to achieving your soul-aligned goals. More than scheduling and creating do-do lists, Moonifesting is a guided manifestation planner, meets self-love and gratitude journal, meets Higher-Self connection. By focusing on specific and simple spiritual practices that align with the natural cycle of the Moon, you can succeed in living your dreams not your tasks, and confidently weather any storm that may come your way.

In this A4 sized 6-lunar cycle (closely equivalent to 6 months) undated edition, you can start your Moonifesting journey anytime of the year or jump back into it if you drift a lunar cycle or two!

Moonifesting will help you:
• Discover what your soul is yearning to achieve for the coming month, three months, year and beyond – this opens the door to joy, clarity, and purpose!
• Know when to harness the lunar energy to manifest and celebrate your soul’s desires so you can say goodbye to procrastination and uncertainty – helping you embrace the natural ebbs and flows of life instead of experiencing resistance and obstacles
• Stay motivated, dedicated, and mindful of your progress so you can continue on your path with confidence
• Surrender and let go of what is holding you back while freeing up space to invite more magic into your life

All this is provided on over 270 beautifully designed pages with simple bullet style layouts to inspire creativity and joy.

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Inside this ultimate Moon guide-journal-planner you’ll find 5 important sections:

1. The Moon Phases: This is the beginning of creating the life you truly desire. It includes a beautiful graphic of the Northern and Southern Hemisphere Moon phases, a Moon calendar that you can easily fill in anytime of the year, and a comprehensive spiritual guide on all 8 Moon phases (New Moon, Waxing Crescent, First Quarter, Waxing Gibbous, Full Moon, Waning Gibbous, Third Quarter, and Waning Crescent) that you’ll be working with throughout the rest of Moonifesting. So you don’t need to know anything about the Moon or it’s phases as Moonifesting takes all the guess work out of it!

2. The Moon Ritual: Here you’ll find an easy-to-follow, step-by-step moon ritual that you can do for every phase (optional) with a more detailed ritual guide for the Full Moon

3. Soulful Practices: Self care is a vital ingredient to creating the life you want so in this section you’ll be creating a self-care agreement and learning about ways to simplify your life whilst opening your intuition and trusting yourself and the natural ebbs and flows of life.

4. The Desires Road Map: Included are 3 Desires Road Maps where you’ll be looking at how harmonious and balanced your life is which will help you decide on what you truly want before working with the Moon cycles. This takes the guess work out of ‘what should I do with my life?’

5. Let the Moonifesting Begin: The rest of Moonifesting is in journal format where you’ll be gently guided and inspired as you move through each Moon Phase for a total of 6 cycles. In this section you’ll find:
• 6 Lunar Cycle Plans to help you see your goals, intentions, habits and moods from a birds-eye view
• Regular journal prompts to bring more insight and awareness to your life which are specifically themed to the Moon phase you’re working with
• Soothing meditations and mantras (6 in total)
• Soul-led affirmations to keep you on track
• Mandala colouring in opportunities
• New Moon and Full Moon oracle card journaling prompts

Moonifesting takes the guess work out of when and how you’re going to reach your goals whilst making sure you’re not burning out or sacrificing your own well-being.

*SPECIAL GIFT*: When ordering Moonifesting you’ll also receive an FSC-Certified timber HB graphite pencil so not only can you start writing in Moonifesting straight away but you’ll have peace of mind that your writing material is eco-friendly.

Moonifesting is print-on-demand which means we’re reducing our environmental impact. The paper used is supplied by environmentally responsible paper supplies rather than using paper sourced from endangered growth forests, forests of exceptional conservation value, or from the Amazon Basin.

In terms of packaging Moonifesting, we only use postage boxes that you can reuse or recycle. Moonifesting is wrapped in 100% recycled tissue paper (most tissue paper you buy aren’t recycled) and secured with biodegradable natural jute twine.

*SPECIAL GIFT*: When ordering Moonifesting you’ll also receive an FSC-Certified timber HB graphite pencil so not only can you start writing in Moonifesting straight away but you’ll have peace of mind that your writing material is eco-friendly.

Moonifesting is your ultimate Moon guide, manifestation planner, self-love and gratitude journal and higher-self connection practice.


+ Undated edition with 6 Moon Cycles (closely equivalent to 6 months) so you can start anytime of the year
+ Bullet point layouts for simplicity and ease of writing or drawing
+ A comprehensive guide on all 8 Moon phases (this is particularly useful for beginners!)
+ Editable Moon Calendar for both Southern and Northern Hemisphere
+ A Moon ritual guide for the Moon phases with a more detailed ritual for the Full Moon
+ A self-care agreement and suggested soulful practices to help you restore your own sense of wellbeing over the next 6 lunar cycles
+ 3 Desires Road Maps to take the guess work out of what you truly want in life so that you know what you’ll be working on during each Moon cycle
+ 6 Lunar Cycle plans; like a monthly plan, which gives you a bird’s eye view of your goals, intentions, habits and moods
+ Regular journal prompts, inspiration, self-restoration, and self-love reminders
+ New Moon and Full Moon Oracle card spread layouts and prompts
+ 6 soothing meditations and mantras
+ Regular soul-led affirmations
+ 6 Mandalas to colour in
+ 10 note-style pages to write or draw whatever inspires you
+ Packaged using eco-friendly materials
+ And more!

Plus receive a bonus gift: An FSC-Certified timber HB graphite pencil to get you started


Size: A4 (210 x 297mm or 8 ¼ x 11 ¾ inch)
Total page count: 278
Cover: Soft cover
Paper: 70lb / 105 gsm environmentally friendly sourced white paper
Printed in Australia

NOTE: Despite every effort to provide accurate images of Moonifesting, actual colours may vary slightly due to different device screen settings.


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