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RAW Sisterhood 


A supportive and inspirational private Facebook group for women seeking
to remember, reclaim and embody their wholeness 

Welcome to the sisterhood!

Hey Woman! I’m Erin Furner, founder of RAW Women. I’m so thrilled to see  you’re interested in joining our private RAW Women Facebook group. RAW is the acronym for Real, Awakening and Wild; all parts of the journey of feminine reclamation.

This group came about when I noticed the absolute need for connection with like minded conscious women who are on the path of remembering, awakening and reclaiming their divine feminine. We’re living in a time where the doors of opportunity are opened. We’re being called to live passionately, fearlessly and authentically from the heart. As women on this sacred path, we want to change our old habits, bring light and healing to the deepest and darkest places within us, and come back to wholeness. This is our soul-led calling and we can’t ignore it anymore. 

But the challenge is how do we do it? How do we live from a divine feminine’s perspective and show up from that place in our daily lives? How do we bring healing to those places within us that we don’t even understand? How do we reclaim our very essence when it feels like there are so many parts missing? The questions about this path are endless which is why the RAW Women’s private Facebook group is so valuable. 

Check out this short video which gives you some insight into RAW so you can get a sense of what we’re all about and whether you’re ready to join.   


“Within us lies a deep hunger to reconnect to the wilderness within our heart and the sacred wisdom of our soul”

What you can expect when you join the RAW sisterhood…


Our free Facebook group is a sacred space of women who want to explore the deepest parts of themselves, heal, and reclaim their wholeness so they can bring bliss to their lives


We aim to share RAW related resources, stories and other spiritual and ancient tools that help us all on the path of awakening and embodiment of the divine feminine


Often we come together in circle or retreat to explore a wide variety of topics relating to the RAW path. This is usually done in a live setting on Facebook or another easy to use platform

Ready to join the RAW Women sisterhood?
Open the doors to your soul and call her home
Clicking on the link below will take you the private RAW Women Facebook group where you can request to become a member for free. Please allow time for your request to be approved.

The RAW Women’s group is sacred

    Here’s just a taste of why our sisterhood is so sacred and valuable….
    • We lift each other up (no more competing with one another)
    • We nourish the soul
    • We share when we feel called (you can be a part of the tribe as often as you like)
    • We celebrate our wins and losses (we recognise that each is just as important as the other)
    • We hold space for one another
    • We do not judge (wherever you are in your journey is where we respectfully understand)
    • We welcome everyone equally
    • We’re eager to learn and grow (evolution is a big part of the RAW journey)
    • We love fully (or at least hold the intention to step into the fullness of love)
    • We honour our hearts and the hearts of others
    • We’re intuitively guided (connection to our spiritual support team is valued)
    • We do not do ‘normal’ (we’re reshaping the stereotype of what it means to be a ‘woman’)
    • We respect each other deeply
    • We want to change the world by changing ourselves
    • We’re done playing small (we’re ready to bring light to our gifts)
    • We let ourselves be vulnerable (we recognise that it’s only through vulnerability that we can truly heal)
    • We genuinely care about others, animals and the planet
    • We hold rituals as sacred (this is a big part of our healing)
    • We take time to see each other’s perspective
    • and so much more!

    Fearlessly live the REAL, AWAKENED and WILD LIFE

    Clicking on the link below will take you the private RAW Women Facebook group where you can request to become a member for free. Please allow time for your request to be approved.
    About Erin Furner (founder of RAW Women)

    Erin Furner, founder of RAW Women, helps women reclaim their wholeness and step into their authentic love-filled selves. She’s one of the most in touch and passionate spiritual teachers and healers you’ll ever come across.

    Formerly a Medical Scientist for the Australian Government and Information Technologist for the Australian Defence Force, Erin refocused her attention on alternative and complementary healing in an effort to understand and embody the fullness of the divine feminine. Having published the book; Eat Cake: 5 Simple Ingredients to a Meaningful and Joyous Life, writing soul-led articles for the internationally acclaimed women’s magazine, Sibyl Magazine, and facilitating sacred women’s circles, she uses her down-to-earth approach with honesty and raw-wisdom to help hold space, guide, and bring transformational healing to women all around the world.

    Erin brings over 10 years of therapeutic coaching and teaching into her work. She’s studied and practised meridian psychotherapy, shamanism, clairvoyance / mediumship, energetic / vibrational healing, inner-child and hypnotic regression, meditation, and mind-body connection.

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