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RAW Women Inner Circle

A monthly global event where RAW (Real Awakening Wild) women come together to let go of what is no longer needed and embrace that of which is. We share, laugh, love, cry, and hold the space for one another in a circle of respect and wisdom.

To manifest what you truly want and follow your calling requires the right mindset, connection to your own intuition, motivation and passion (that’s the ‘why’ behind everything that you do), accountability (to keep you on track), faith in yourself and the Universe, magnetism…the list goes on! RAW Women is a membership program that encompasses the entirety of all those things. As a result, spiritually motivated women are able to breathe light into their purpose and mission in life, manifest their hearts desires with ease and grace, reconnect to their intuition and divine essence, and welcome back the real selves to experience lasting joy.

This is a time to heal and grow into the person you were born to be. Intake of the circle is limited to a small number of women so register your interest now (click on the ‘register your interest’ button) and be the first to receive an invitation to our next live event. 

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