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How to Have Your Cake and Eat it Too

When your life feels out of control no matter how hard you try to take the reins, when you can’t see a clear path out of the ‘ground-hog-day’ existence you’ve found yourself in, when all you seem to hear from other women is how great their life is while you wonder why you’re the unlucky one…

It’s not that you want to Eat Cake, you need to Eat Cake!

A first of it’s kind, this inspirational and practical book will help you uncover the 5 essential ingredients needed to upgrade your life and achieve the next level of abundance – no experience necessary! It’s this generations spiritually inspired manifestation book without the complicated jargon or fluff.



Take back your power and learn ways to live
the life you were born to lead


A monthly global event where RAW (Real Awakening Wild) women come together to let go of what is no longer needed and embrace that of which is. We share, laugh, love, cry, and hold the space for one another in a circle of respect and wisdom.

To manifest what you truly want and follow your calling requires the right mindset, connection to your own intuition, motivation and passion (that’s the ‘why’ behind everything that you do), accountability (to keep you on track), faith in yourself and the Universe, magnetism…the list goes on! RAW Women is a membership program that encompasses the entirety of all those things. As a result, spiritually motivated women are able to breathe light into their purpose and mission in life, manifest their hearts desires with ease and grace, reconnect to their intuition and divine essence, and welcome back the real selves to experience lasting joy.

This is a time to heal and grow into the person you were born to be. Intake of the circle is limited to a small number of women so register your interest now and be the first to receive an invitation to our next live event.

If you’re interested in joining a scared group of women to become real, awakened and wild beyond your years then email us at: When doors are close to opening, we’ll send you a VIP email with the details.



Take back your power and learn ways to live
a raw life



A 30-Day online pilgrimage for spiritually inspired women who are ready to live from the inside out and build a meaningful life.

Connecting to your authentic self, living from the inside out, and attracting your heart’s desires, requires clarity of what you want, complete trust in something bigger, and commitment to practicing the right manifestation and self-help methods. Because without a structured road map or expert guidance, the process can be overwhelming, confusing and time consuming.

Coming Home is a powerful 30-day online program that can fast track your spiritual growth and help you reconnect to the wholesome and authentic part of yourself. Because it is only then you can build the life your heart so desperately desires.


Be all that you can be with these morcels of wisdom




Turn virtually any desire into reality with this 10-step manifestation workbook

If you could have anything in life, what would it be? What does your true heart want from this experience of life? How are you going to get it? How will you ensure you remain on track to fulfilling your dreams, goals, desires and wishes.

The Easily Manifest What You Want workbook (yours for free!) is an inspirational tool that will not only have you following powerful manifestation steps to attract abundance and prosperity into your life, but it can radically change the course of your life and move you toward fulfillment of your dreams, desires, wishes and goals. This is the essential resource you need to help you get started to building the life you are so deserving of. 


WORKBOOK: ON PURPOSE – Discover Your True Purpose

Simple strategies that will give you the clarity, confidence and freedom to create your dream life

Wouldn’t it be easier if someone just told you why you’re here? Then you’d stop questioning yourself or doubting that you’re on the right track which can not only make you extremely stressed but it can waste your time considerably! It’s unfortunate that no one can really tell you what your true purpose is; the only person that knows is you! So how do you work it out? How do you become clear about why you’re here? What’s your role in this crazy thing called life?

Easy! In the On Purpose: Discover Your True Purpose workbook, you’ll uncover the various facets of why you’re here (there’s more than one purpose). You’ll even become extremely clear on your own unique and authentic path and then gain the confidence and motivation to fulfill your mission in life. Because when you follow your mission then your dream life is easier to grasp.  Don’t keep waiting and wondering! Download your free copy and start living the life you were born to live. 


WORKBOOK: NOW I KNOW – Clarity on What You Want

The ultimate deep dive workbook to help you uncover what it is you truly want in life

It’s pretty easy to know exactly what we don’t want in life: ‘I don’t want to be alone’, ‘I don’t want to be unhealthy’, ‘I don’t want to live in poverty’….
But ironically, when we place our energy onto the things we don’t want, we actually attract them! No wonder the whole manifestation game is hard to play! So isn’t it time you became clear on what you really want? And by that I mean what your heart truly wants – because that’s where your authentic love-filled self wants to be (and it’s part of your purpose). 

So what sorts of questions should you ask yourself to hone in on what you truly want? The Now I Know workbook is a practical and powerful tool that contains 20 easy to answer questions that will help you become clear on what you truly and deeply want in life. This is your opportunity to attract the positive vibes other women talk about. So don’t delay, download your free copy today! 


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