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Download the On-Purpose eBook

In this 48 page book, you’ll discover exactly what your purpose is; the ‘why’ behind why you’re here. And how you can quickly step into your new found purpose to attract what your heart desires (and why it’s so important!)

Instant Peace and Calm Technique

Stepping into your purpose is pretty tricky (actually it’s almost impossible) when you’re feeling stressed out and anxious (because that’s the opposite to living your purpose). The Instant Peace and Calm technique will give you the power to enter a blissful state with a click of your fingers (literally!) which will make it easier to attract what you want.

Soul Inspired Affirmations

Living from your authentic self’s perspective (your true spirit) is actually one of your life’s purposes (yes, we have more than one purpose). It’s when you can step into your greatness and let your gifts and skills shine so you can truly enjoy life to the fullest. These downloadable and printable affirmatioms will get you onto the road of authentic living, making it easier to embrace your deepest desires.

My Special Offer for You

The free tools I have given you will put you on the direct path to knowing what your purpose is so you can start attracting all the wonderful things your heart truly desires. But are these tools enough to fully transform your life to a point where you’re naturally attracting what you want with ease? 

Sadly, no.

But if you’re ready to make your dream life possible,
then I have something that will turn that
frown upside down.

So what’s the real issue?

There are more opportunities for women than there has ever been before. It’s an exciting time for us but it’s also a time of confusion. With all of these opportunities, what is it that we really want? And how can we get it?

I asked over 12,500 ambitious women, ‘What do you want most from life?’ and their answers were very much in line with my own: 


Freedom to Choose, Financial Stability,
Creative Outlets, Intuitive Connection, Passion for Life, and Impact to Help Others

Sounds easy enough to obtain but why are so many women still searching for these things? Can we really have it all or is it just a pipe dream? And for those women who have tried extremely hard already to create their ideal life but haven’t had much success, should they just give up now because it’s simply a waste of time? 

What you seek is seeking you 

I believe it’s possible to get all that our heart desires but only if we change the way we do things. We can’t keep looking to the outside world to fulfil our needs because the outside world isn’t going to give it to us if we haven’t done the right kind of work on ourselves first. And we certainly can’t keep blaming the outside world for the negative situations we may find ourselves in….

Because everything we want starts from within ourselves. 

The limitations of what women experience in life (a lack of finances, love, purpose, passion, creativity, and joy) come down to their belief about whether they deserve to have what they want or not. So if you turn that belief into something far more empowering, then you should be able to have what your heart desires right? 

To get what you truly want in life, you must reconnect to the wholesome and authentic part of yourself. The real you.

In the past I believed that if I healed the limiting beliefs that were holding me back from living my dream life then technically I should experience lasting happiness and success. In fact I was so certain of this that I studied Counselling, Meridian Psychotherapy, Energy Healing, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming so I could be sure I was healing the limiting beliefs properly (and later help people achieve the same!). But I was wrong…well…partially.

I’ve since discovered that working on those nasty limiting beliefs is only a portion of the manifestation puzzle. The big player of the ‘getting what you want’ game revolves around your authenticity and whether your allow yourself to be who you truly are in everything that you do. Of course, this may all sound like fluff to you but think about it….how can you go wrong when you give yourself permission to be the ‘real’ you – the one that you were born to be? The one who’s fully aligned with their soul?

Because the real you knows the right path and how to follow it with ease

Because the real you is in control and approaches even the most difficult of situations with calm and clarity

Because the real you listens to your heart and helps you manifest your deepest desires with grace and gratitude

Because the real you is who you really want to be without the ego limiting your creative potential 

Because the real you knows you are a divine being with access to limitless potential

The Coming Home Pilgrimage

Coming Home is a 30-day online learning program for spiritually inspired women who
are ready to live from the inside out and build a meaningful life. 

To live from the inside out and attract your heart’s desires requires clarity of what you want, complete trust in something bigger, and commitment to practicing the right manifestation and self-help methods. Because without a structured road map or expert guidance, the process can be overwhelming, confusing and time consuming.

Coming Home can help you connect to your authentic self (the real you) much sooner and save you years of trial and error. When you start purposefully living the truth of who you are, then you can easily create lasting joy and peace. This is something that has taken me over 10-years to understand and implement, yet Coming Home will help you do the same in 30-days. It will be the most uplifting and inspiring 30-days of your life and I would be honoured to be a part of your transformation.



If you experience any one of these symptoms then this program can help…

♡ You feel like you’re being held back from experiencing more from life. You know you’re here for big things but you’re unsure what those big things are or what to do

♡ You feel burdened by the amount of responsibilities placed on your shoulders (there just never seems to be enough time for ‘you’)

♡ You’re unable to make manifestation work for you no matter how hard you try (even implementing the Law of Attraction doesn’t seem to work)

♡ You’re desperate to connect to your spiritual support team (e.g. Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels) but you’re unsure how or if it’s even possible!

♡ You’re experiencing heartache and despair in your health and relationships and you are unsure how to improve your circumstances

♡ You’re struggling to find lasting peace and joy in your life

What’s possible when you take
part in the program? 

Read through each one and notice how hopeful  you feel with every possibility 

Connect you with your divine authentic self


Open up your natural intuitive gifts and connect you to the spiritual realm

Easily create lasting joy, peace, and love in your life

Naturally move through obstacles and challenges with Universal support

Heal your past so you can courageously move forward

Merge the body and spirit together so they’re working in harmony with one another


Live your joy with grace

Distinguish between your spirit and ego so the path you take is the one most suited to you

Lift those around you and inspire them to live their truth

Attract your heart’s desires with confidence and clarity

Change this world through your own positivity

Fun, Simple, and Powerful

Coming Home includes every resource you need to put you on the right path to living a divinely inspired life. It includes daily videos for 30 days which explore a variety of ways you can step into your power and embrace the real you, downloadable MP3’s if you prefer to listen to the lessons, PDF transcripts, and simple spiritually inspired daily practices to ensure you stay on track to attracting the very things your heart truly desires.  

But it is only for those seeking to make real and lasting changes to their lives. If you just watch the videos but disregard the daily practices (which are fast, simple, and a lot of fun) then you will only receive about 50% of what this course can actually provide for you. 

Depending on the kind of trauma you have endured over time, you may find that tapping into your authenticity doesn’t happen overnight. But just know that however long it takes is the perfect amount of time you need (call it divine timing). So there are no guarantees in this program nor can there be with any self-help methods.

This is why you will need a willingness to be the change you want to see, have the guts to embrace a better way of living, and the courage to take action…but rest assured, you won’t be doing this alone. 

Essentially this program is for doers and change-makers who want to experience a connection to their divine spark and live a life that is in alignment with their truth.  Because that is the ultimate starting point to manifesting your dreams.

No Travel Required. Everything You Need is Online

The entire program is based online so you can connect to your divine spirit anywhere, anytime.

All program materials including videos, MP3’s, transcripts and daily spiritual practices are all within our online member’s portal. So you can access everything you need on any internet based device at anytime. No more spending money on travel expenses!

Learn at Your Own Pace

You have lifetime access to all the training content so you can move through each practice at your own pace.  When you enroll, you will receive one lesson per day for a 30-day period. I have scheduled it this way so you can take your time and absorb the valuable wisdom found within each lesson. But if you take a little longer on one lesson before moving onto the next then that is completely fine too.

So if you’re  a busy mother, working a full time job, several part-time jobs, or dealing with big life events during the first 30-days of enrolment, don’t worry about falling behind.

Each video runs between 4 to 14 minutes in length. I find this to be the perfect amount of time to absorb the transformational content without interferring with your other responsibilities. In addition to the videos, you will also receive recommended daily practices which complement the video content yet have been created with busy lifestyles in mind. You won’t be asked to submit any assignments or 1000 word essays.

Naturally, the more focus and commitment you put into Coming Home and reconnecting to your divine spark, the more you’ll get out of it.

You’ll get Guidance, Support, and
Comprehensive Training

If you’re feeling unsure about how to turn your life around so you’re in control, and making divinely inspired decisions that you know are in alignment with your heart (and where you’re supported by the Universe), then Coming Home can help.
Once you join the program, you’ll receive guidance and support from like-minded spiritually evolved women in a safe, non-judgmental and encouraging environment.

Dedicated Expert Support

Under each daily video within the member’s portal, you’re invited to comment about your topic-related experience or challenges and get responses from our supportive and nurturing team. Because you shouldn’t have to do this alone.  

All Course Material Online

You’ll receive 31 stimulating videos, accompanying MP3’s and transcripts, plus daily spiritual practice reminders (30 in total) to keep you on track to finding that powerful and authentic spark within.

Lifetime Access

You’ll have access to the course for the life of the program. This means you can move through the program at your own pace without the pressure to finish it within a certain period of time. It also means you can revisit the juicy topics for another hit of spiritual wisdom whenever you need it. 

Technical Support

Your satisfaction and care is our number one priority. We genuinely want you to find your authentic self again because we know how much it will benefit you and how much your true nature will benefit the world (because we really need you!). So if you come across a technical issue then you can write to us at and we’ll take care of you.

Money Back

Dive deep and commit fully to Coming Home program and if you don’t feel you have received any kind of positive value within the first 7 days then we’ll gift you with your entire investment fee. 

My Gift to You

and only on this page…

I love the fact that you have taken the time to sign up for the Life Purpose toolkit because it tells me your spirit desires more than what you have right now and you’re willing to make an effort to get it. I completely admire you for that!

So as an incentive for you to continue on this path of reconnecting with your divine spirit to live a joyous and authentic life which is part of your soul plan, I’m offering you the popular Coming Home online course for a spiritually large discount. But the discount is only available on this page so if you leave this page you won’t receive this offer again.

The normal investment for the
Coming Home program is $97 AUD.

But I’m offering you a discount of over 90% off so you can truly connect to your spirit for less than the price of 2 cups of coffee! (or 2 pots of tea).

So instead of paying $97, I’m gifting you with
lifetime access to the Coming Home program for $9 AUD. 

This is a significantly small investment for increasing your happiness levels, improving your relationship with others (and yourself) and tapping into your true soul’s purpose. There is so much to love about this program including a 7-day money back guarantee which means there is absolutely no risk to you. The question is, can you really afford to miss out?

Now it’s Your Turn

Take advantage of this special offer and start living your soul’s path!
Click on the button below and enter the coupon code on checkout: 

$97 $9

Unsure whether NOW is a good time to invest?

These frequently asked questions will help

Is the Coming Home program for me?

The Coming Home course is specifically for you if:

  • You find yourself struggling to find peace and joy in your life
  • You feel like you’re being held back from experiencing more from life
  • You’re unable to make manifestation work for you no matter how hard you try
  • You feel burdened by the amount of responsibilities on your shoulders (there just never seems to be enough time for ‘you’)
  • You’re experiencing heartache and despair in your health and relationships
  • You’re desperate to connect to your spiritual support team but you’re unsure how, or if it’s even possible!

If you resonate with any one of the above, then the Coming Home course is absolutely for you!

Do I need any prior knowledge or skills to do this course?

No, not at all. This is your time to reconnect with your true authentic self, so it’s important  you set aside some time each day for yourself without anything distracting you. Any techniques I use during the course will be explained in a step-by-step format so you don’t need any prior knowledge or skills. Just come as you are and you’ll be blown away by the transformations you can achieve!

Is there anything I need to do this course?

You will need:

  • A device with internet connection so you can access the Member’s portal where the course content is.
  • A private space where you’re most comfortable and won’t be disturbed.
  • A notepad and pen that you can use to journal throughout the course. You may also like to use coloured pencils in place of writing if you prefer to express yourself through creative art and colours.
How long does the Coming Home program run for?

In general the program will take 30 days if you decide to take each lesson day by day (this is recommended). However since you get lifetime access, you can take as long as you feel you need. You can also revisit the lessons when your spirit feels inspired to.

What is included in the course?

You will receive: 

  • 30 inspirational videos (1 released each day over a 30 day period)
  • Accompanying video transcript in PDF
  • Accompanying audio in MP3
  • Daily spiritual practice reminders to keep you on track to connecting to your authentic spark
  • Community forum where you can share stories or ask course related questions with fellow female luminaries and Erin
  • Lifetime access to all the Coming Home content so you can move through the course at your own pace
  • All resources are available to download to your favourite device for ease of use
What happens after I've enrolled in this course?

Once you enrol in the course, you’ll receive a confirmation email that contains all the login details to access the member’s portal. This means you can start the course right away!

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes! If you find after participating in the Coming Home program that you receive no value, we’ll gift you with your entire investment fee. This guarantee is valid for the first 7 days from date of enrollment. Simply email us within the first 7 days of your purchase and we will refund you in full. Once a refund is made your account will be deactivated and you will not have access to the Member’s portal unless you resubscribe. We will not process refund requests that are made after the 7 day period from date of purchase.

What currency is the investment fee in?

All prices are in AU dollars.

I have more questions about this program, how can I get help?

Easy! Simply email us at and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Now is Your Time to Shine

I will be absolutely honored and thrilled to be working with you to help you open the door to the most empowered part of your wise self; your divine spirit.  The investment of $9 (as opposed to $97) may be small but the program is profoundly life-changing. It’s your turn to rekindle the power of spirit within and attract all the goodness life has to offer.

To grab the program for $9, simply use the coupon code: PURPOSEANDJOY9 on checkout.

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