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The Mother’s Retreat

Gain lasing insights into you current situation, find out about potential pitfalls that may impact your life (and what to do about them), and balance your energy system so you can llive a meaningful and joyous life

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It’s Food for the Soul

You’re a devoted, hard working, and loving Mother. Your world revoles around your child day in and day out. Even when you’re away from your child you’re still constantly thinking (and perhaps worrying) about them. All you want is the best for them; to be able to give them unconditional love and everything they deserve. 

Yet with such devotion, there can also come heightened stress and frustration. Your soul is craving a chance to unplug and re-centre. Your heart yearns for meaning beyond the definition of your role as a Mother. Because the minute you became a Mother, that’s when everything changed. And although you love your child more than anyone will ever know, you also miss the love you had for yourself. 

When our soul is starving of inner peace and harmony within ourselves and our lifestyle, when we push aside our own desires or forget our own needs, are we really the best Mothers we can be? I believe that if there’s disharmony in ourselves, then there’s likely disharmony in the family. 

This is why I’ve created the Mother’s Retreat. It’s a live online event that helps Mothers get back to feeling whole again whilst creating a life that they truly desire (which benefits the entire family). It’s such a powerful practice and I’d love for you to join! Watch the video and then reserve your spot by clicking on the button below the video.


The Mother’s Retreat at a Glance

New Guided Meditation

During the event you’ll be guided on a short yet empowering meditation to help you become relaxed and centered for the rest of the event. This meditation will be available for download so you can keep it forever.

Group Guidance Reading

I’ll use my intuition to connect with our Spiritual Support Team and relay messages that are pertinent to all our situations. We’ll explore potential pitfalls that may show up in the future and how to overcome them, and ways to turn our desires into something tangible and meaningful

Journalling Prompts

You’ll be encouraged to tune into your own intuition and sense how the group guidance reading relates to your own circumstance. From there you’ll be able to come up with an action plan as to how to move forward with ease and grace

White Light Healing

You’ll be balancing and restoring your Chakras and Aura as I intentionally send white light healing to you during the event.  This is an extremely relaxing process; all you need to do is lie comfortably and be open to working with life-force energy

Question and Answer Opportunity

If you need further clarification on something that’s come up during the event, then there’s an opportunity for some Q&A. You won’t be left in the dark as we provide each other with support and encouragement

A Supportive Community

Connect with like-minded Mothers in our private Facebook group, ask and answer questions, share your story, and find loads of 

The retreat combines the inspiration of a live event, the Zen experience of a day spa, the transformative power of a guided meditation, and the healing power of a Reiki session. And the only investment you’ll need to make is your time. No money. Just time.

Meet Your Host

Amanda Doe

Amanda Doe

Cameron James

Cameron James

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